Handmake.me only allows quality hand made products on their websites and help you optimise your listing to increase the chance of it selling.

There are no listing fees and nothing to pay upfront, they take a 20% commission only when you make a sale. This seems quite high, but they are trying to make a difference in the marketplace by offering quality products and helping sellers with their marketing.

The categories are:

  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Homes & Living
  • Jewellry
  • Kids
  • Wedding

If you have the skills to create your own products, list them at Handmake.me and get help marketing your product. Instead of getting lost amongst the thousands of products for sale online, Handmake.me showcases your goods on a niche store. People who want a more personal and unique gift know exactly where to go to find it.

Sign up at Handmake.me and start selling your hand made items with no upfront fees!



Additional Info

  • Type Online, Business
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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The Wedding Mile offers a platform for makers of items for the wedding niche including invitations, favors, jewelry, bridal shower gifts etc.  You get:

  • A search engine friendly store
  • Wedding registry
  • Inventory control
  • Statistics
  • Training materials to help you improve SEO, branding, marketing, sales and customer service
  • Customer newsletter
  • Export and import

Creating your store and listing items is free and there are no monthly charges.  The only fee is 6%  commission on each sale.



Additional Info

  • Type Freelance, Business
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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PhotoJewelryMaking.com supplies everything you need to make your own jewelry from tools to a very large selection of products you can put photos in and sell on sites like eBay, Etsy or your own ecommerce store.

They make it easy for anyone who wants to turn photo jewelry making into a business by offering wholesale pricing for customers ordering over $100 worth of supplies. They also have a Home Business Kits section with starter packs that include everything you need to make different type of photo jewelry, and if you have an idea for photo jewelry that is not on the site you can ask them to make custom designs to suit your project.
Look at the range of photo products you could make and sell:
  • Bracelet Blanks
  • Deep Frame Photo Pendants
  • Deep Set Photo Jewelry ™
  • Easy Photo Charm Software
  • EZ Change-Itz™ Photo Jewelry
  • Glass Photo Jewelry
  • Italian Photo Charm kits
  • Photo Beading Frames
  • Photo Belt Buckles
  • Photo Bracelets
  • Photo Bubble Jewelry
  • Photo Charm Blanks
  • Photo Cufflinks
  • Photo Dog Tags
  • Photo Keychains
  • Photo Pendants
  • Photo Pins And Brooches
  • Photo Rings
  • Photo Transfer Jewelry
  • Photo Watches
  • Photo Window Jewelry
  • Photo Wine Charms
  • Sterling Silver Photo Jewelry
  • Sublimation Photo Jewelry
  • Wood Photo Jewelry

Browse the photo jewelry supplies catalogue at:  www.photojewelrymaking.com

Additional Info

  • Type Freelance, Business
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? Yes
  • Need Experience? No
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