Making Money from Home

The Madness of Debtors Prison In the ´Civilised´ World

I just saw a clip from a BBC programme in the UK, about a woman jailed for not paying her council tax. For 50 days. In what world does that make sense?


While she is in jail, she has zero chance of earning any income. When she gets out she will have a criminal record which will limit her chances of getting work in the future as some employers will automatically disqualify her.  Her debt will continue to be unpaid, but the government will have spent thousands in sending her to court and keeping in prison for those 50 days.

Your Biggest Obstacle When You Want to Work from Home is Lack of Confidence

I started working from home because I had no other alternative after moving to Spain and buying a house on the outskirts of a small village, in an area with little tourism and development. There were few ´real´ jobs and I wasted years on startups and real estate because it still gave me the flexibility to be with my children. Lack of confidence to try new things meant I took longer to move on, struggled for longer and earnt less money.

What do I classify as a ´real´ job? One that pays a regular salary every month, where you work regular hours and you get more than slave wages. For me there was only a glut of long hours for earnings that barely covered travel and food for the day, or commission only jobs that cost you money to work because you had to pay for your own petrol and phone calls. I spent YEARS trying to make these work while filling in the gaps with freelance jobs I found online.

The super confident gurus say they can sell in any market, in any location under any conditions. However, not all of us have unlimited confidence. When you are rejected and lack skills to apply for better paid jobs,  you feel the weight of your responsibilities and bills you can not pay.   Any confidence you might have had gets trapped under the mountain of overwhelm.

What Is Freelancing?

A freelancer is someone who is an independent contractor that bids for one or many jobs and gets paid per project.  Instead of having a regular salary from one employer, a freelancer can have several different clients at the same time depending on the size of the project.

The most well known model of freelancing is the one you see on popular sites like , etc. Clients list the project they need help with and freelancers bid on the project. 

The Slippery Slope of Entrepreneurship

I love hearing about entrepreneurs who have succeeded in creating something out of nothing. Except that most of them didn´t really start out with nothing. When you did a little deeper they had financial help, or family support, or lived in the right place, knew the right people etc. I don´t want to take away from what they achieved, but I do want to highlight the fact that there millions of people throughout the world without access to those resources, who are suffering.

No, this is not a story about excuses for not making it big in the real world. This is a story about the fact that the world economy is changing and the world is not adapting to help those left behind.  Let me correct that.  It is not letting  them help themselves.

Life used to be so much simpler. Not easier, simpler.  You were a worker, or you were a boss.  Some made the jump from the bottom to the top, but the lines were more clearly drawn then.  Nowadays, with the growing liberation of women, the widespread use of the internet, and access to international markets, everyone has a chance to move up.  Except that the majority trying to make the move from employee to employer or entrepreneur will get lost somewhere in the middle.

The Working From Home Path - How to Find It

Finding ways to make money from home seems to be a complete mystery to most people. When I mention it as an alternative they look at me like I am an alien. I find their willingness to go through life miserable for eight hours a day just as strange!
While I was out for a walk with the dog this morning, I got a visual example of the problem. It reminded me why some people will never stray off the traditional route, no matter how unhappy they are.  Because they follow the same path, regardless of the circumstances.
Where I walk the dog, you get to a certain area where you have two choices:
  1. Take the paved, ´safe´ route around the urbanisation.
  2. Take the dirt track through the trees.