Financial Hostages - Women Who Can´t Leave an Abusive Relationship

Women often find themselves trapped if they are in an abusive relationship. The abuse can be physical or emotional and is often hidden from friends and family. A lack of financial resources or a way to earn money on an ongoing basis means they can see no way out. I know this happens because of experiences of family and friends and stories I read in the forums .


I want Alternative Income to give these women a way out. A chance to escape the daily fear and misery that keeps them in a situation no-one should have to tolerate. It is so easy for us to say ´Why don´t they just leave? ´ We find it hard to understand why someone would put up with that kind of abuse for so long.


As always, we should not be so quick to judge because we have no idea what is going on behind closed doors.

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Turn One Idea Into 10+ Ways to Make Money

When you start out telecommuting or freelancing  your income may be next to nothing or non-existent a lot of the time. It can be hard to get the motivation to keep going and most people don´t look much further than what is right in front of them, what they are told is possible. If you manage to get one idea, one thing you enjoy doing, that could be all it takes to get you started down the path to be an entrepreneur rather than working for someone else.
I often use cooking as an example because I hate cooking but I love eating good food, so I envy those who have the patience to create delicious meals. I also know many people who think they could never do anything because they have no skills, no experience, nothing to sell, but oh my goodness can they cook.  Here are some different ways to make money cooking (or anything else):

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Mothers Working from Home Course

How women can spend more time with their kids while working from home and learn work skills without a regular job!


This is a beginners course for mothers who want to learn how they can work from home or start their own home based business. It gives you the short cut to finding these opportunities, avoiding the scams, and finding the right option, whatever stage of motherhood you are at:

All mothers need the flexibility to be able to work to earn extra income, while still having the freedom to be available to look after their children. Traditional work options leave mothers feeling guilty and stressed trying to juggle their responsibilities, and when they are finally able to go back to work, they struggle to overcome the stigma attached to being a stay at home mother.

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Tips for Crowdfunding Your Startup

Money matters. If there's one universal constant about startups and fresh new ideas, it's that a lack of green can spell disaster. As illustrious publications like Inc. so helpfully point out, 96% of businesses fail within ten years, and one of the leading causes is a shortage of funding.

For many would-be entrepreneurs, crowdfunding has become a go-to source of startup capital, but getting an idea off the ground is often plagued with pitfalls and guesswork. That is, if you aren't sure about some of the proven pathways to success. Here are three tips to help knock your crowdfunding goals out of the park.

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Why Alternative Income is About Social Empowerment

I have struggled with the Alternative Income concept for over 7 years now, thinking I just wanted to give people information, but failing to find the spark to grow it into my passion.  The goal of Alternative Income kept falling through the cracks and I couldn't find a way to hold onto it long enough to grow it into something bigger. Until this week. Until I remembered why it all began.

Alternative Income is about showing people the different ways they have of making extra money, but it is much more than that. It is about freedom. It is about choices. It is about taking responsibility for our lives and not having to be dependent on others to help us.

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