The Alternative Income Mission

Our mission is the promotion of alternative forms of income for those who are unable to enter the regular workforce. This includes, but is not limited to, mothers staying at home with their children, people with disabilities, those in remote areas, long-term unemployed, unskilled etc.

The platform will function on a freemium model, so users can search all the entries for free and get the details to research the opportunities themselves. There will also be a paid version to get more support including coaching, setting up of websites etc.

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The Future of the Alternative Income Report

Seven years ago I registered the domain  I wanted to write about working from home because as an expat in Spain, with two young children, living miles from anywhere, work was hard to find.
At the time, the internet still had a lot of get rich quick scams, or information that was way overpriced for the information it offered. Real jobs online or online business opportunities were hard to find if you weren´t a shark.
When you have two young kids to look after and you are busy earning a few pennies here and there, writing crap articles for peanuts, it is difficult to find the time or the energy to get all gung-ho about a new business. 
When you need to put food on the table and pay the mortgage, you are fighting fires the whole time instead of building a future.  Some people manage it, and generally make the rest of us feel insecure about it.
It took me a long, long, time to stop beating myself up about what I wasn´t doing, and start focusing on what I was doing. 

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Change the Way You Make Money

Alternative Income can include telecommute jobs, freelancing, investment, entrepreneurship. We need alternatives to regular jobs for those who are struggling to find work, live in an area with few jobs, can't work because of family commitments or lack experience. We also need real options for those of use who are not top salesmen or marketing magicians, who just need enough extra to pay the mortgage, pay for some extras, and ease our way into being self-employed.

Have a look at the latest opportunities we have found for you:

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001 Welcome to the Alternative Income Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Alternative Income podcast, a show for people who want to make a change in their life or  their finances but can't relate to the marketing gurus or sales superstars, you ll be at home here. We love finding different, flexible and interesting ways of making money. We also love alternative people who can't or don't want to fit in to 'normal' ways of doing things!

My name is Yolanda Solo and I am the founder of 

Mainstream thinking is that standardisation is the path to success. They use it in education, healthcare and government policies. The problem is that as human beings we are all very different and despite the outward appearance of improvement in standards of living, moving towards one rule for all comes with its own problems.  

Countries like the UK and US have areas with high rates of unemployment and millions of people living below the poverty line. Most families can no longer survive on one income and society rates our children on their grades instead of including creativity and community. 

It is important we find ways to have a more flexible lifestyle, so more people can generate income without accepting mindless or low-paid jobs, and to make sure smaller communities survive.  

If anyone has ever said you are lazy, impulsive, weird, undisciplined, never satisfied, or expecting too much because you would like to enjoy what you do , you are very welcome here.  

I love alternative people. When I see someone who is different and hear other people criticise them I am thinking how cool they are. From the old lady who lives next door has blue streaks in her hair and wears leopard print boots, to the young kids who struggle in school because they are bored. 

I don't see radical non-conformists or people with problems. I see a spark of uniqueness; I find them fascinating and I see them as the people who will save us from the grey narrow world we are living in. 

So how did I get here?  

I am a child of immigrants who struggled their whole lives to survive financially, a mother of two children who chose to work at home for 10 years so I could spend more time with my kids, an expat who moved to a remote location in Spain where work was almost impossible to find, and a woman diagnosed with ADHD at 47 after struggling for so many years to fit into the ´right´ way of doing things.  

I'm telling you this so you know I am not someone coming from a stable background, I find regular jobs soul sucking torture, and I have had to claw my way out of several financial black holes. I am not a sales and marketing genius; I don't have a business background, but I am stubborn. I refused to accept that I had to give in and get a regular job that bought me no joy. True, that made for a very bumpy road for a long time, but hey, it also meant I got to discover different ways to make money over the years.   

In my desperation to find financial alternatives I signed up to a ridiculous amount of newsletters and websites promising that pot of gold was just around the next corner if only you followed their simple system. Except that it wasn't quite that easy. It almost always meant investing money I didn't have, using marketing tactics I wasn't happy with as I didn't want to lie to anyone, putting myself out there and saying ´hey look at me and how amazing I am and how unique my product is - which I was NOT comfortable with.   

At one point I had over 35,000 emails in my inbox. 35,000!!! At that point I stopped looking at them because I was drowning in information with no idea where to begin. That made me switch off for a while.

I couldn't believe how many options are out there, and no, you don't have to invest money to get started. If you don't have money, you invest your time instead and learn to do things for yourself instead of paying other people to do it.

Unfortunately most people are so busy working and surviving; they don't get the chance to discover anything new and follow the mantra of go to school, get a job, save for retirement and hope you have enough time and money left enjoy. What about those who don't have access to this option?  More importantly, we should have a more balanced life from day one, without having to work all hours just to live.

What about you? Are you struggling to find a regular job, or mind-numbingly bored with what you are doing right now? Then Alternative Income is for you. While we welcome everyone into our tribe of freedom seekers, this podcast will particularly interest: 

  • Anyone who struggled in school and was told they would never be able to get ahead and should take the first job they can get. 
  • Mothers who don't want to leave their kids and prefer to spend a few years at home while still building up a career or business. 
  • Expats who move to a different country and struggle to find work in the local language, or nomads who would like a laptop lifestyle with the ability to move around. 
  • Workers miserable in their jobs who can't afford not to work and need to find a side hustle to build up on the side. 
  • People in remote locations with few job opportunities, who don't want to move to the big cities for work. 
  • Young and old struggling get a job because they are too young and have no experience or too old and expensive to hire. 

Are you seeing a pattern here? Alternative Income is for alternative people who want, or need to find different ways of making money. We are all looking for something more, something better, something that makes us feel joy day to day. There has to be another option instead of struggling financially or moving along the well-worn path of cradle to grave with work in between. 

Are you sick of hearing "Just Do It", "Focus on your goals", "Change your mindset". Blah blah blah? If it was that simple we would all be doing it already. I find it unhelpful to only hear the rags-to-riches stories without hearing about the years or decades in between, the challenges they faced and HOW they overcame them.  So instead, we will have guests on the show who share their the real journey. Who talk about how hard it was, how long it look and how they eventually got to where they are today. Poverty, mental health issues, lack of support. We'll focus more on the less glamorous side of making changes.  How to bounce back from obstacles most people face that stop them from moving forward with their dreams. 

In the spirit of not following the standard way of doing things, the podcast episodes will be different lengths. Unlike most podcasts that magically last the same amount of time each episode, ours might be an hour if we interview a really interesting guest. Some will be shorter. Some will be longer. 

A holistic approach to success is essential for those who are not natural leaders, blessed with financial or emotional support, a business mindset or time and money to play with their goals. So you will also hear about different ways to be productive, improve your focus through nutrition and find the sanity you need to keep going. 

That's it for the first episode of the Alternative Income Report. I look forward to reading your comments about any opportunities you have tried, would like to try or have heard about. It doesn't matter how crazy they sound or how little income they generate. Someone, somewhere might find it useful!