Making Money from Home

The Future of the Alternative Income Report

Seven years ago I registered the domain  I wanted to write about working from home because as an expat in Spain, with two young children, living miles from anywhere, work was hard to find.
At the time, the internet still had a lot of get rich quick scams, or information that was way overpriced for the information it offered. Real jobs online or online business opportunities were hard to find if you weren´t a shark.
When you have two young kids to look after and you are busy earning a few pennies here and there, writing crap articles for peanuts, it is difficult to find the time or the energy to get all gung-ho about a new business. 
When you need to put food on the table and pay the mortgage, you are fighting fires the whole time instead of building a future.  Some people manage it, and generally make the rest of us feel insecure about it.
It took me a long, long, time to stop beating myself up about what I wasn´t doing, and start focusing on what I was doing. 

Change the Way You Make Money

Alternative Income can include telecommute jobs, freelancing, investment, entrepreneurship. We need alternatives to regular jobs for those who are struggling to find work, live in an area with few jobs, can't work because of family commitments or lack experience. We also need real options for those of use who are not top salesmen or marketing magicians, who just need enough extra to pay the mortgage, pay for some extras, and ease our way into being self-employed.

Have a look at the latest opportunities we have found for you: