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Yolanda Solo

Yolanda helps those looking for a new path in life and keep them motivated on their journey. She is also on a mission to change the way people work by offering them flexible income opportunities via the AlternativeIncomeReport.com.

Alamy allows contributors to upload photos and illustrations for sale on their website, with a generous 50/50 commission split.  Students get 100% of the commission from their sales for two years from when they sign up! Once you upload your images to Alamy you can also choose to distribute it on their network to access millions of potential buyers throughout the world.

You can upload different types of images to Alamy:

  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Newsworthy photos (have to be uploaded within 24 hours of event)

Uploading is done using the website  uploader or FTP.





  • Minimum 6MB image 
  • Photos must be in JPEG format
  • Uncompressed file size of over 17MB
  • Photos must be taken with DSLRs or equivalent
  • Model release form if you have people in your photos

Check their quality control document to see what you need to avoid to prevent your photos getting rejected: http://www.alamy.com/contributors/alamy-qc-failure-reasons.pdf


  • Vectors must be in EPS format


  • Payments are sent at the beginning of each month if you have at least $50 in your account.
  • Get paid  in Euros, Dollars or UK Pounds.
  • Payments made direct to bank account, via PayPal or Skrill.

Go to the contributor page at Alamy to find out more!

Alorica At-Home Agents help clients with a variety of tasks that can include answering calls, sales and marketing, or helping customers with queries. They provide training and offer payment on a per call, per minute, or fixed rate basis. As an Alorica agent you will get free training, a flexible schedule and medical and dental benefits.


Alorica offers two types of training to employees which is paid at an hourly rate:

  • In a virtual classroom with instructor led training.
  • Computer based training which is a self-paced course you do yourself.


Employees are paid according to different schedules which might include:

  • Payment per minute
  • Payment per call
  • Guaranteed hourly rate

Payments are made on a bi-weekly basis via direct deposit or pay card.

Application Process

  1. Online application form.
  2. Job Fit Assessment to see which role you are best suited to - sales, technical or customer service.
  3. Behavioral Assessment.
  4. Additional screenings for successful applicants including background checks.

Alorica has at-home agents throughout the US and you can verify if the opportunity is available in your state by filling out their application form.


To apply for Alorica call center or customer service positions you will need:

  • To be 18 or over High school or GED
  • To be able to work at least 10 hours a week.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Spanish and other languages are a plus

>>> Aloricaathome.com <<<

AHP (American Homeowner Preservation) offers investors the chance to participate in impact investing because they buy distressed mortgages then work with homeowners to offer them a plan to stay in their homes. Their goal is to help prevent people losing their homes while offering investors a way to make a social impact with their investments.  You can invest in AHP from just $100 and participation is open to both national and international investors.

Alfuenta is a P2P crowdlending platform open to Argentina nationals or residents. They claim you can get returns of up to 43%, and use the same structure as other P2P platforms rating loans from AA to F to classify the risk level of the loan. 

As an investor you have the option to select each investment manually, or you can define your lending criteria and let the system choose the loans automatically for you. If at any point  you want to withdraw all of your funds from Afluenta, you can sell any outstanding loans you have to other investors.


Each month capital and interest payments are made and you can choose to reinvest in other loans (minimum $1000), or withdraw the funds.

There is also a referral program where you received $500 for each new client you recommend that signs up with Afluenta.


If you want to invest with Afluenta you have to:

  • Be Argentinian or resident with a DNI number
  • Be over 18
  • Have a bank account, email and mobile number
  • Invest a minimum of $5000 
  • Justify where the funds for your investment came from

Afluenta also operates in Mexico with an average return of 23.1% and at the time of writing was developing platforms for the following countries:

  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile 
  • Uruguay

>>>   www.Afluenta.com   <<<


GroCycle have perfected the art of growing mushrooms and selling them to local restaurants - why not do the same in your neighbourhood?  You can set up your mushroom farm in a relatively small area with only 30m2 needed to grow up to 50kg of mushrooms per week.

The GroCycle website has a very detailed article explaining the basics of mushroom farming to give you a good idea of what you will need to start your home-based mushroom business. If you decide that this could be a potential business idea for you and want to take it further, take their low cost course on mushroom farming where they take you step by step through everything you need to do to get started (at the time of writing it was only 67 pounds).

Some key points from their website:

  • You don´t  need land to grow mushrooms - you can use any indoor space.
  • 10m2 growing space will take about 12 hours of work, a week, to grow 10kg of mushrooms.
  • Oyster and Shitake mushrooms are easy to grow, grow fast and are sold at a high price.
  • You can grow a crop of oyster mushrooms in 3-4 weeks.
  • A fruiting (growing) room can be set up with $1000.

So there is a relatively low start up cost, it is low tech,  quick to produce results and in a niche market. You can sell to people looking for local, fresh, organic produce. 

Income Potential

GroCycle recommend contacting local restaurants, health food stores or vegetable box delivery schemes to sell your mushrooms. Or you could sell them directly to the public at a local farmers market.  What price could you get for your mushrooms?

"£10 (US$13) per kg and Shiitake at £15 (US$19) per kg...In Australia, Oysters fetch an impressive AU$ 40 (US$ 29) per kg!"

They offer a lot of information on their website and appear to have a comprehensive course that will show you everything you need to make your mushroom farm a success.  You can start your own mushroom business whether you are living on a farm or in the middle of a city.  Find out more at:

>>>   www.GroCycle.com   <<<

Advanis is a Canadian company offering a set wage and fixed hours for home based research interviewers. 


  • Monday to Friday 3-10 pm MST (5-12 pm EST)
  • Saturdays 10-5pm MST (12-7 pm EST)


Advanis does not specify how much they pay on the job description, but they do offer regular hours and a set wage. Contact them to confirm the payment details. 


  • Customer service skills
  • Typing speed of 30 wpm 
  • Home office or quiet area to work
  • High speed internet
  • Landline
  • Computer


You have to apply via their online application form at www.advanis.ca

AES offers you the chance to work from home as a recruitment consultant, taking advantage of their reputation and infrastructure, without having to go and work in a physical office. You get training from AES and access to their systems to help you run your business from home.


AES claims it is not running a franchise, rather granting you a licence to use their name and their resources.  You have two payment options:

1. £4000 upfront then £1000 per month after the fourth month.

2. No upfront free but paying £1250 plus VAT per month.

Income Potential

Income will vary depending on the amount of hours worked and the commission per placement, but as a guide AES says that if you place just 2 candidates per month at a commission of £5000 per placement, you could earn £120,000 per year - working from home.

Although you will be representing AES you are not an employee and will need to set up your own limited company to work with them.


  • Attend a minimum of 5 days training at their head office, preferably more.
  • Home office

While they do not make previous recruitment experience a requirement, if you have a background in sales, management consultancy, recruitment, or human resources is appreciated.

>>>  Find out more at AESCo.co.uk  <<<

Experienced Hospice and/or Home Health Registered Nurses can work from home, taking calls from clients and doing pain and symptom management. You can be based anywhere in the USA as everything is registered through their online system.

You will need to have experience of the protocols used in either Hospice or Home Health and obviously have a caring and compassionate attitude.

IntellaTriage will provide you with additional training so you are familiar with their protocols, procedures and know how to use their electronic records. You are then assigned a particular group of clients so you can become familiar with their needs. As a work from home triage nurse you can help the following groups service their patients faster:

  • Hospices
  • Home Health Services
  • Palliative Care Providers
  • TPAs
  • Insurers
  • Employers
  • Physician Groups
  • IDNs

Working Hours

Nurses should be prepared to work include an 8 hour shift in their timetable once every other weekend and during holidays.  IntellaTriage offers their services at night, weekends or round the clock to their clients.

Find out more at www.intellatriage.com/employment


VoiceBunny.com offers experienced voice actors the chance to get exposure to thousands of clients worldwide.


They are very clear that if you have no experience you will not be accepted. You need to have some experience in the industry as they say that only 2% of applications are successful! They also give priority to actors who are fast and regularly available.  If you fit this criteria you also get invited to contests and speedies (projects with a quick turnaround). 

Things that can affect how many invitations you receive include:

  • The number of samples you upload - the more the better.
  • Your response time.


Payments are made 30 days after the deliverable is approved and you can choose to receive your funds via PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer.

To calculate how much VoiceBunny charges, have a look at their pricing page. They charge clients from $31 for 10 seconds/25 words or $45 for a speedy and $77 for a contest.

>>>  VoiceBunny.com  <<<


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Get Paid to Narrate Audiobooks At ACX

List your narration skills at ACX.com and bid for jobs narrating audiobooks at an average of $225 per audio hour. Work from your home studio and set a fixed per-hour rate or choose to share royalties with the rights holder.

To bid for jobs narrating audiobooks on ACX.com you have to:

  1. Create a profile on the website
  2. Upload audio samples - the more varied the samples the more like you are to get work e.g. different styles, accents etc. 
  3. Choose how you want to get paid.
  4. Browse the available books and audition for the ones you are interested in.
  5. Choose whether to accept any offers you get.
  6. Record 15 mins of the audio and send to the Rights Holder for approval. If successful you finish the book.
  7. If necessary, hire other contractors to improve the quality of the audio.
  8. Upload the finished chapters.
  9. Get paid!


  • Hourly Rate
    According to ACX, a lot of the actors who do this work ask for a minimum of $225 per finished hour

  • Royalty Share
    If you are producing an audiobook for a well-known author, or you expect the book to do well, you can choose to receive royalties as payment. This means you will get ongoing passive income if the book does well instead of a one-off per hour payment.


ACX brings together authors and producers to create projects that will be listed on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. The Rights Holders will be looking for experienced professionals to produce a high quality product. This means you will need a home studio set up for recording and you may need to hire extra help to improve the quality of audio before uploading it. Read their tips on Setting Up a Home Studio.

>>>  Find out more about being an audiobook narrator at www.acx.com  <<<


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