Available courses

Who Should Take This Course?

    • Mothers with newborn babies who don't want to go back to work
    • Mothers with older children who want to focus on their career again
    • Mothers whose children have left home and are struggling to get back into the workplace
    • Women who are put off by the aggressive marketing tactics promoted online and who prefer a more feminine approach to business.
    • DO NOT take this course if you want to earn 'millions' or learn underhand marketing tactics to promote your online business.  This is for mothers looking for ethical opportunities to earn extra income, either by working for others or working for themselves.

What Can You Learn From This Course?

    • Have the freedom to stay at home without sacrificing income
    • Choose whether to work for an employer or run a home-based business
    • Turn current skills into a home based business
    • Find the best opportunities that give the option to work around commitments
    • Earn money without having to work 9-5 or commute to work
    • Maximise the time available to enjoy a better work/life balance