TeachersPayTeachers.com is a great resource for teachers where they can download free and paid materials to use in the classroom. You can create games, vocabulary lists, flashcards and more to sell on the website.

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Tutor Doctor started offering franchises in 2003 and has over 17,000 students worldwide, in 14 different countries. They focus on finding the right teaching style for each student. They have over 400 franchisees and have won several awards including Child Magazines Parents Choice award 3 times in 2010,2011 and 2013.

You will not need any large investment in inventory or permanent staff and the company provides extensive training plus a consultant who will help you through the first few months. Their mentoring programs ensures you have someone you can turn to for support.

Tutor Doctor only allows one franchisee per territory which includes approximately 75,000-100,000, but there are also master franchises available if you want to cover a larger area.


Franchise fees start from  $39,700 which includes a 4–6 week pre-training program, a 7-day intensive training at their headquarters, as well as ongoing business support.  

Find out more about becoming a Tutor Doctor franchisee at: http://www.tutordoctoropportunity.com/

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  • Investment required? Yes
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University of the People offers tuition-free degrees to students from anywhere in the world. The only thing you pay for is the exams, and if you can´t afford that they have scholarships to make sure no-one is left without the chance of a higher education.

"University of the People, a nonprofit, tuition-free, degree-granting university."

There are many universities and websites offering education online for free, but University of the People just does not just offer the course material, you get an official degree at the end of it. A degree you can use to get a new job, to get a raise, to start your own business.

They currently only offer two courses, Business Administration and Computer Science, as these are the two most sought after courses and skills needed. They will no doubt as more courses in the future as this is still a relatively young university.

How they can afford to offer the courses at such low cost (or free if you get a scholarship)? Everything is virtual. All the classes, all the interaction is done online. There are no expensive buildings to maintain. There are no expensive textbooks you need to buy.

The university does not have to pay for professors as they have professionals from the top schools donating their time to the project. The potential impact of this model is huge. It is not meant to replace traditional university education as there are benefits to participating in person and getting the whole university experience, but it does mean that EVERYONE can get a degree in two of the most sought-after subjects. No-one has to miss out on getting an education because they don´t have the money to pay tuition fees or because they live too far from a university.

Watch the founder Shai Reshef explain how University of the People works in his Ted Talk:  http://on.ted.com/b0Nz1

You will obviously need an internet connection to take the courses, but there is no audio or video so you don´t need a broadband connection.  If you don´t have a computer, ask a friend or local community centre if you can use theirs. If you don´t have internet at home, find somewhere that offers free WiFi - a local library, town hall, cafes etc.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get a college degree, and don ´t let finances stop you. Remember if you can´t afford the fees for the exams they have scholarships available to help you.

Find out more at http://uopeople.edu/ 


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  • Investment required? Yes
  • Need Experience? No
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