Women often find themselves trapped if they are in an abusive relationship. The abuse can be physical or emotional and is often hidden from friends and family. A lack of financial resources or a way to earn money on an ongoing basis means they can see no way out. I know this happens because of experiences of family and friends and stories I read in the forums .


I want Alternative Income to give these women a way out. A chance to escape the daily fear and misery that keeps them in a situation no-one should have to tolerate. It is so easy for us to say ´Why don´t they just leave? ´ We find it hard to understand why someone would put up with that kind of abuse for so long.


As always, we should not be so quick to judge because we have no idea what is going on behind closed doors.

  • The abuser can appear to outsiders to be the most loving husband and father. It is only behind closed doors that the mask comes off to reveal their dark side. The side that torments those living with them.
  • Mothers have to make a choice of removing children from a ´safe´ environment. She will have to find a way to make money and look after the children, all by herself.
  • If you are not being physically abused and your life is not in danger, it can be difficult to get the help you need. Authorities dismiss you as being in an unhappy relationship. Even if they do get help, how long does that help last? You don´t only need help to move out, you need help to keep on living, to keep feeding your kids.
  • In extreme cases of abuse, women have to account for every penny they spend. They are not allowed to go to work, and have little chance of escaping.

My neighbour reminded me about this issue recently. I live in an apartment where the walls are paper thin, so I can hear every word when the tyrant next door is shouting at his wife. As far as I am aware he does not hit her. He does however, belittle her at every opportunity. He also teaches their young son to disrespect the mother. He complains how tired he is from work only to come home to ´this´ (at the time he was complaining about odd socks). Surely there are more important things to worry about?


I am sure the house is not spotless. She has 4 young kids to look after and it doesn´t sound like he thinks he should have to lift a finger to help. He is a school teacher and can leave his work behind. She is on call 24 hours a day. If she does not work, she is reliant on him for money. That is why she is a financial hostage. How can you leave when you have no money coming in?


In theory you will get help from the government, or social security. In reality, the process can be demoralising. Women spend years trying to get help without success, unless they or their children are in physical danger.


Alternative Income promotes opportunities that allow these women to start earning money. The opportunities listed can all be done from home, and many are flexible with no fixed timetable.


If you are in this situation, or you know anyone who is, please contact me. I believe in paying it forward so I would love to volunteer my time to help anyone in this situation find a way out.

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