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If You Don´t Have Money to Invest Don´t Bother

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I was listening to a webinar recently run by guys claiming to make over a 100,000 dollars a year selling t-shirts. They used the usual formula of giving some great information and making a big deal about not selling you anything on the webinar.  
They did make a big deal about their mastermind course though, over and over again! Which is OK because we are all in the business of selling one thing or another.  That is how we make money and the wheels of the economy keep on turning. So far so good, until they dismiss the majority of the population as financially irresponsible. A caller asked how much they needed to get started making that kind of money and if they could do it with no money to pay for advertising.
Then came the lecture. The speaker said if you can´t run your personal finances successfully, then you won´t succeed in business. His little rant went on to imply that everyone can save thousands by getting a second job, not wasting money on products (just theirs), and being more responsible.
This from the people who in the same call said that if you didn´t have the money you should get a loan from anywhere you could to invest in your t-shirt business. Borrow it from friends and tell them you will pay it back. Max out your credit card. Do whatever it takes. They are talking about thousands of dollars to invest in advertising! How is that not more of the financial irresponsibility they were just complaining about?
They did stress this was not a venture for the weak hearted and should not be done if you were not prepared to put your life and soul into it. Well done boys. 
I admire people who succeed online. I know it takes hard work, hours of dedication and making sacrifices. That doesn´t mean you should judge others by your standards.
You have no idea why people are in debt. They may live somewhere it is almost impossible to get work and they can´t afford to move. They may have fallen ill and can no longer do a regular job. They may not have the support they need to keep going.  Their self-esteem might be so low they can´t even imagine speaking out. The list is endless.
So many people accept their situation, think they have no option and continue to struggle in misery for the rest of their lives. Often because they are so exhausted by life and see no way out. Struggle becomes the norm. Then they hear things like ´if you don´t have thousands to invest in your business don´t bother´.  There goes the little flicker of hope snuffed out forever.
Maybe you won´t make 100,000 dollars a year, but if you manage to improve your current situation then that is progress!
So let the big boys do their own thing and concentrate on what is right for you. Do what you can with what you have right now.

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