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Increase Your Chances of Success by Always Looking for New Opportunities

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Are you one of those people who never moves forward because you put obstacles in your way before you even start?  All the problems you face, the lack of time, of ideas, of money? That may be true in that second, but that does not mean it will never change. For the situation to change you need to stop looking down and start paying attention to what is going on around you. I am amazed at just how many things are available as chances to make money.  The more I look without limiting myself to what I know or what I can do, the more I find.
I will never do anything with over 95% of these opportunities of course, mainly because they don´t interest me. That or because the time it would take me to learn a new skill may not be a good use of my time right now. But it still excites me to know the options are there. The list of things I can choose from gets longer and longer every day - because I keep my head up and my eyes open.
You don´t have to spend hours searching every single day, but you should always be aware of your surrounding.  When you visit a website, learn to scan it for any interesting adverts or references.  Make a note of it for later or visit it right away and see if it is worth further investigation.  Always be curious, always be learning, always be researching. One day you will find something you enjoy, that is profitable and that could change your life.  But only if you don´t give up before you even begin.
Remember that you are not going to find your nugget of gold right away unless you are really lucky. The secret of lucky people is they take a lot more risks, try more often, and are less afraid to get things wrong. If you try enough things, you eventually find something will stick.
I´ll give you an example I am excited about right now. I was looking for some affiliate products that are relevant to Alternative Income so I can monetize the site. I want to place a different ad on each section, so it has to relate to that section.  I found Tee Inspector, which is a program about making money from designing t-shirts.  
Of course I like the claims you can make thousands of dollars with one simple design. However, what really attracted me is the fact that it gives me the chance to do something I have wanted to do for years. Doodle. I want to design motivational products using the cartoon format.
Motivational messages + t-shirts + making money = a winning combination for me! As an added bonus Tee Inspector is an easy way to get my kids interested in being entrepreneurs. My 12 years old daughter is already a talented artist, and my son has a business brain.  Designing and selling t-shirts is a quick, cost-free way of getting them to use their skills and earn some money in a fun way!
I want them to hit the ground running when they leave school or university, instead of wasting years frustrated in a job they do not enjoy.  This way they start thinking of new possibilities and know that if they want to, they are lots more ways to make money than a regular job. They have options.
I was just looking for some products to advertise on the site for monetization.  Not only did I find that, I also found something I will enjoy doing myself and something my kids can do as well.
You never know what you might find, so never stop looking!

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