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MaD Woodturning - Hobby Turned Into A Home Based Business

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MaD Woodturning - Hobby Turned Into A Home Based Business

Michael Suggs spent years as a supervisor for local mechanic shops and woodturning was just a hobby.  He finds it exciting to create items that are all unique because even though the shape  might be the same, the grain from the wood is always slightly different.

He still has a full-time job, a large family, and belongs to the Patriot Guard Riders and Christian Motorcyclists Association. None of this stops him from creating custom gifts from his ´hobby´ turned side hustle. On his Facebook page you can see wooden boxes, custom pens, wooden urns, mortar and pestle, cell phone amplifiers and many other gorgeous items.

Michael was used to building things, but had no formal training in woodwork other than a couple of classes in the local community.  

Key Points

  • Turned a hobby into a business.
  • Kept practicing over the years.
  • Started as a side hustle while working full-time.

Ask Yourself

  • What do you love that you could combine with skills you already have or could learn?

Additional Info

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