Making Money from Home

Mothers Working from Home Course

How women can spend more time with their kids while working from home and learn work skills without a regular job!


This is a beginners course for mothers who want to learn how they can work from home or start their own home based business. It gives you the short cut to finding these opportunities, avoiding the scams, and finding the right option, whatever stage of motherhood you are at:

All mothers need the flexibility to be able to work to earn extra income, while still having the freedom to be available to look after their children. Traditional work options leave mothers feeling guilty and stressed trying to juggle their responsibilities, and when they are finally able to go back to work, they struggle to overcome the stigma attached to being a stay at home mother.

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Tips for Crowdfunding Your Startup

Money matters. If there's one universal constant about startups and fresh new ideas, it's that a lack of green can spell disaster. As illustrious publications like Inc. so helpfully point out, 96% of businesses fail within ten years, and one of the leading causes is a shortage of funding.

For many would-be entrepreneurs, crowdfunding has become a go-to source of startup capital, but getting an idea off the ground is often plagued with pitfalls and guesswork. That is, if you aren't sure about some of the proven pathways to success. Here are three tips to help knock your crowdfunding goals out of the park.

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Why Alternative Income is About Social Empowerment

I have struggled with the Alternative Income concept for over 7 years now, thinking I just wanted to give people information, but failing to find the spark to grow it into my passion.  The goal of Alternative Income kept falling through the cracks and I couldn't find a way to hold onto it long enough to grow it into something bigger. Until this week. Until I remembered why it all began.

Alternative Income is about showing people the different ways they have of making extra money, but it is much more than that. It is about freedom. It is about choices. It is about taking responsibility for our lives and not having to be dependent on others to help us.

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The Alternative Income Mission

Our mission is the promotion of alternative forms of income for those who are unable to enter the regular workforce. This includes, but is not limited to, mothers staying at home with their children, people with disabilities, those in remote areas, long-term unemployed, unskilled etc.

The platform will function on a freemium model, so users can search all the entries for free and get the details to research the opportunities themselves. There will also be a paid version to get more support including coaching, setting up of websites etc.

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The Future of the Alternative Income Report

Seven years ago I registered the domain  I wanted to write about working from home because as an expat in Spain, with two young children, living miles from anywhere, work was hard to find.
At the time, the internet still had a lot of get rich quick scams, or information that was way overpriced for the information it offered. Real jobs online or online business opportunities were hard to find if you weren´t a shark.
When you have two young kids to look after and you are busy earning a few pennies here and there, writing crap articles for peanuts, it is difficult to find the time or the energy to get all gung-ho about a new business. 
When you need to put food on the table and pay the mortgage, you are fighting fires the whole time instead of building a future.  Some people manage it, and generally make the rest of us feel insecure about it.
It took me a long, long, time to stop beating myself up about what I wasn´t doing, and start focusing on what I was doing. 

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