If you have a parking space you don't use, you can list it for free on JustPark.com and rent it out. Instead of that empty driveway, parking lot, or garage going to waste, make some money from it! You choose the days you want to rent it and get paid direct to your PayPal or bank account.

JustPark describes itself as "Europes leading provider of pre-bookable parking"  although their popular locations only list places in the UK at the time of writing, but this may change in the future.Anyone who has every tried to find afforable parking in cities knows just how difficult that can be, so anything that makes it easier, and cheaper, to park will be popular with drivers.

It is free to list your parking space on JustPark.com and they don't even charge you commission - they add a fee on to the rental amount and charge the clients booking the space instead. You don't need to be home when the driver arrives, as long as they can access the parking space without you, and if they overstay they will be charged for the extra time. If the driver does not turn up and has not given you notice of the cancellation, they still have to pay.

You choose when you want to rent it out and you can choose to  make it unavailable for rental when you are going to use it yourself or if you want to let friends and family use it. 


Anywhere with a parking space including:

  • Private homes
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Pubs


The amount you can make from renting out your parking space will obviously depend on the location, but you can get a good idea of what to charge by looking at what other people are charging in your area. In Westminster for example, the average price is £8.14 per day with a maximum of £340 per day, whereas in Islington the maximum is £25 per day.


You can get paid direct to your bank or to PayPal and you can choose automatic withdrawals to your banks on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Withdrawals over £25 are free, anything less than that will cost you 50p.


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  • Type Freelance
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
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Housers brings investors together to buy property in prime locations and then earn a healthy return on their investment through rental income and/or sale of the property.

Housers claim that you get the benefits real estate investment without all the administrative and legal headaches that normally go with buying a house. They search for properties under market value that will provide a good return on investment and the chosen properties are listed on the website with details.  Each property has its own forum where users, investors and developers can discuss the progress of each project.

Who can invest?

Both local and international investors are welcome except for a handful of restricted countries including Afganistán, Angola, Argelia, Corea, Ecuador, Guayana, Indonesia, Iraq, Irán,  Lao PDR, Myanmar, Panamá, Papua Nueva Guinea, Siria, Sudán o Yemen. You will need a NIE (identification number) if you are not resident in Spain. You can ask for it at your local consulate or Housers will help you with the process.

Level of investment

Housers recommends you invest at least 1000 euros in each project but the minimum level of investment is just 100 euros.

How does it work?

Funds are paid into the payment processor LemonWay and are blocked until 100% of the funding needed to buy a property is reached. If the total is not reached, the funds are returned to your account. 


Housers does not charge any setup fees and only charges if you earn any profit, from which they will deduct 10% commission and admin fees. If you don't earn any profit, you pay nothing.


You will receive your profits in the form of dividends. If the property is rented you receive dividends each month, and profits from a sale upon completion of the sale.

At the time of writing the website is only in Spanish, but I am sure that will change in the future!


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  • Type Investment
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? Yes
  • Need Experience? No
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"We make it possible to invest in real estate."

Fundrise organises crowdfunding for real estate developers and offers investors a way to get started in real estate at a very low entry level. This opens up a very profitable income stream to everyone instead of limiting it to those with greater buying power.
Investments start from a minimum of $100, with an estimated return of approximately 12-14%.  You choose the properties you want to invest in and as an investor you will get dividend payment plus  profits from any increase in value in the property.
Getting Your Money Back
Fundrise offers investments between 1-5 years so you can choose how long you want to commit to.  They say they only accept 5% of applications after a strict selection process by real estate experts, so your investment is not going to fund every random developer who applies for funding.
Not only can you get a great return on your investment, on a social level, you can help fund and support schemes in your local area. 

Starting investing in Real Estate at www.fundrise.com


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  • Type Online
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? Yes
  • Need Experience? No
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