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Rent-A-Mom - Use Your Natural Talents as a Mother to Help Others

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Mothers are often undervalued and penalised for taking time out to look after their children. Employers see someone lacking in experience and use it as an excuse to offer mothers lower wages. Which is a shame, because mothers have so much to offer and Nina Keneally from New York is showing how much people are willing to pay for a little home comfort and shoulder to cry on.

Nina runs and offers her clients a substitute mom service. She promises to leave out the family drama, and offer instead a good homecooked meal, friendly advice, help with the housework, and anything else your mom can't do for you.

Who Needs to Rent-A-Mom?

Your first reaction might be that surely no-one would pay for a substitute mother when you have friends and family you can turn to?  The truth is however, that sometimes we want the warmth of a mother figure who is not swayed by knowing the people involved in our lives.  Who would not want the help of a mother figure without the criticism that often comes from family members who tell you to 'pull yourself together'.  Most of Ninas clients seem to want simple things:

  • Someone to listen to their problems.
  • A homecooked meal.
  • Friendly advice.
  • Someone to go with them to the doctor.
  • Help with resumes for job interviews.
  • Someone to go to the movies with.

As she herself describes the service, "It's the mother without the baggage." 

Her rates vary but clients have reported paying $40 per hour, and in an age where so many people are displaced, living far from their loved ones, I think it is an idea that could take off.  I know plenty of people who need someone to talk to but are reluctant to go to a therapist because they don't want to go down the analysis rabbit hole.  There are also new young mothers living in the whirlwind of having a new baby who could use the help of someone experienced.

She has a varied background but is not qualified as a counselor or therapist, which means that if she can do it, so can you!


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