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Sell Products Made from Plastics You Recycle at Home

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(0 votes) gives you a brilliant way to reduce waste and make money at the same time. Dave Hakkens has created machines anyone can build and use at home to recycle the plastic waste they produce. The plastic can then be used to create different products including lampshades, plant pots, clipboards, and many more. Use your imagination and make a huge range or products you can sell online.

Dave Hakkens had a clear mission:

  1. Create machines to recycle plastic.
  2. Give everyone access to the machine blueprints for free.
  3. Show people how to start.
  4. Share it all over the world.
While it sounds like it would be expensive or complicated, the answer to both is that it is a lot less than you think. The website claims you can make the machines yourself, and the molds can be made with anyone from basic welding to advanced CNC milling.

The Shredder  +/- 180€ 

As the name suggests, this machine shreds the plastics you put in to it, and the flakes are then used in different ways depending on what you want to make.

Injection  +/- 130€ 

After heating the plastic you can create different small objects using molds.

Compression +/- 120€ 

The plastic is heated in an 'oven' and then moulded into larger shapes.

Extrusion +/- 192€ 

The plastic is turned into long lines of plastic which can have a variety uses.


Even though he started it as a project to try and reduce local waste, Dave Hakkens realised the true potential this could have worldwide and he has been promoting the idea ever since.

For artists and entrepreneurs this is a great way help reduce pollution and make money at the same time!




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