PitchUp! have teamed up with John Lewis to offer 12 finalists the chance to pitch their product or idea to buyers from John Lewis. This could be your chance to jumpstart your project and get an instant market for your business.
"John Lewis is looking for “great ideas to make customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable”. Entrants are welcome across Homewares, Clothing, Beauty and Electricals, and of particular interest this year are personalised gifts and fashion accessories."
Get your application in before midnight on the 18th of June as the 12 finalists will be pitching their products on the 1st of August, 2014.

Sign up here: PopUpBritain.com

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The Wedding Mile offers a platform for makers of items for the wedding niche including invitations, favors, jewelry, bridal shower gifts etc.  You get:

  • A search engine friendly store
  • Wedding registry
  • Inventory control
  • Statistics
  • Training materials to help you improve SEO, branding, marketing, sales and customer service
  • Customer newsletter
  • Export and import

Creating your store and listing items is free and there are no monthly charges.  The only fee is 6%  commission on each sale.



Additional Info

  • Type Freelance, Business
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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ArtPal let´s members create a free gallery where they can sell any kind of arts or crafts including sculptures, paintings, photos, prints, jewelry etc.
They also offer a print-on-demand service where you choose to handle printing and shipping yourself, or have ArtPal do it for you.
Their current categories are:
  • Paintings & Prints
  • Photography
  • Sculptures & Carvings
  • Ceramics & Pottery
  • Drawings & Illustration
  • Digital Art
  • Glass
  • Jewelry
  • Textile & Apparel
  • Crafts & Other Art


ArtPal processes payments and transfers the funds to you.

Sign up for your free account and start selling on www.artpal.com

Additional Info

  • Type Freelance, Online, Business
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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Friday, 28 February 2014 20:29

Sell Your Ideas with YouZingIt

YouZingIt is a crowdsourcing platform where individuals can sell their ideas, or work on requests for ideas.

´Creative Consumers´ is the name for those who submit ideas to YouZingIt. A summary of your idea is posted on the website and buyers must pay a fee to view the full description of your idea. If they want to use the idea they pay a licensing fee after passing what YouZingIt calls "a stringent verification process" to make sure they are genuine companies or entrepreneurs.

Another way for creative consumers to earn is to answer Requests for Ideas where companies ask for ideas on specific projects in exchange for a cash reward.

Sell your ideas on YouZingIt.com

Additional Info

  • Type Freelance, Online
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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