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Shout Louder If You Want to Get Noticed

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I was rejected today, for not having enough followers, enough shares, or enough content on the website. In a perfect example of how unless you make yourself busy making noise, you might not get invited to the party.

The website I´m talking about is supposed to help bloggers succeed with their blog.  The goal is to brainstorm, ask for feedback and ask ideas etc. So I asked for case studies of real rags to riches stories. None of these people who left the corporate world to start their own business.  I wanted stories about real people who have gone from zero to making a living. They did not have to be rich, but certainly making enough to cover their needs or replacing a 9-5.

My article request was rejected because AlternativeIncomeReport.com " looks a bit quiet and there is no community / shares to be seen."  They are right. The Alternative Income Report is my passion, not my business, so I work on it whenever I can, but it is not my main source of income. I also do not want to get attention by writing a ton of content just to get traffic, but that has  no soul.

I spent three years working as a copywriter producing what I like to call ´content fodder´. The goal of the articles I wrote were to get search engine attention by including relevant keywords. It had to sound half decent, but other than that, the rules were pretty relaxed.  It was soul destroying.

To get the message out I will have to do it at some point - but I am going to wait until I hire my Virtual Assistant full-time to do it!

As I said, my business is selling property, my mission is to help mothers to work from home and the unemployed to find work online.

Right now there are only around 80 out of 785 opportunities posted online. I have to write the courses and add them to the site, as well as the search filter, coaching information .... it´s going to be huge!

The concept of Alternative Income is going to creep into the online psyche in a slow, organic way. There will be no loud brass band announcing it, but it is going to offer hope to millions worldwide.  The world desperately needs alternatives for those who can´t work at a regular job and I plan to keep on posting them ... one at a time.

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