SYKES Home hire people from the US and Canada to provide customer from home. Experience is preferred but not required, so anyone can apply as they do provide paid training and even health benefits.

What they offer

  • Paid training
  • Dental, vision and health benefits
  • Incentives based on performance

Additional Info

  • Type Online, Telecommute Job
  • Eligibility US & Canada
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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Advanis is a Canadian company offering a set wage and fixed hours for home based research interviewers. 


  • Monday to Friday 3-10 pm MST (5-12 pm EST)
  • Saturdays 10-5pm MST (12-7 pm EST)


Advanis does not specify how much they pay on the job description, but they do offer regular hours and a set wage. Contact them to confirm the payment details. 


  • Customer service skills
  • Typing speed of 30 wpm 
  • Home office or quiet area to work
  • High speed internet
  • Landline
  • Computer


You have to apply via their online application form at

Additional Info

  • Type Online, Telecommute Job
  • Eligibility US & Canada
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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Experienced Hospice and/or Home Health Registered Nurses can work from home, taking calls from clients and doing pain and symptom management. You can be based anywhere in the USA as everything is registered through their online system.

You will need to have experience of the protocols used in either Hospice or Home Health and obviously have a caring and compassionate attitude.

IntellaTriage will provide you with additional training so you are familiar with their protocols, procedures and know how to use their electronic records. You are then assigned a particular group of clients so you can become familiar with their needs. As a work from home triage nurse you can help the following groups service their patients faster:

  • Hospices
  • Home Health Services
  • Palliative Care Providers
  • TPAs
  • Insurers
  • Employers
  • Physician Groups
  • IDNs

Working Hours

Nurses should be prepared to work include an 8 hour shift in their timetable once every other weekend and during holidays.  IntellaTriage offers their services at night, weekends or round the clock to their clients.

Find out more at


Additional Info

  • Type Online, Telecommute Job
  • Eligibility US
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? Yes
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Outsourcely connects you to employers who are looking for long-term freelancers to work on projects ranging from content writing to programming.  Freelancers can create a profile with their desired monthly salary and wait for employers to contact them. There is also a jobs section where employers post projects they need people to work on. While not a permanent job as you are still a freelancer, it does offer an alternative to trying to win multiple bids each month. If you successful in the role it could lead to a longer-term or permanent position in the future.

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When you search for jobs where you can work from home, don't forget to check a very important source of these jobs - CV Libraries. They have hundreds of work at home jobs listed already, and if you upload your CV, employers looking for home based employees can find you more quickly.

Sometimes you have to take a different approach to finding a job you can do from home and instead of waiting for new jobs to appear, you can be proactive and get your CV online so that employers can find you.  Recruiters and employers often search CV libraries for candidates because it is easy for them quickly scan the information and narrow down a list of candidates that they want. is a good example of this and they also offer job listings so you can search for work and have employers find you. Here are a few of the jobs listed on the first page (out of 140) of search results for home based jobs:

  • Retail Sales Assistants and Team Leaders for a home shopping business
  • Account manager for an IT services provider
  • C# Developer for an ecommerce company
  • Home based recruiters for an agency that offer regional licensing opportunities
  • Bid manager for a telecoms provider
  • Business advisors for an ethical UK plc
  • Local estate agent for an online estate agent
  • Travel consultants for a corporate travel company
As you can see, there is a real variety of options available so you are sure to find something that you are qualified for! 
The most important thing is to make sure that you have a great CV. So many people undersell themselves, or make their CVs too long and difficult to read. Remember that employers and agencies will be scanning hundreds of CVs so if you want them to pay attention to yours, you have to make sure it is clear, concise and gives the relevant information at a glance.
You don't need to tell your whole life story on your CV, it is supposed to be a summary of your work history as they can always ask you for more information if they need it. has a great article on how to write a CV and also has templates you can use if you need some inspiration.
Go to and let employers come to you!
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As a general rule I am against paying for sites that claim to offer work at home or telecommute. The vast majority are trying to make money from a membership site that offers little information. They might only have a handful of jobs, or they offer a list of jobs that are embedded from job search aggregators that you could search for free. The most outrageous example I have seen are websites made to look like a news site to give it more credibility. At the end of the day it is money for nothing.
Over the last 15 years of looking for work from home jobs, I have only found a handful of websites I would consider paying for. One of them is Flexjobs.
Flexjobs provides up to date listings of genuine telecommute jobs or work from home jobs, and employers post jobs on the site because it is an authority for telecommuting jobs.
They charge $14.95 a month, or $49.95 a year to access the contact information for all the latest jobs they have listed, as well as special partner offers, customer support and helpful articles.
Some people object to the idea of paying for these job listings. Normally I would agree, but with Flexjobs I understand why they do it.
Flexjobs is a business. There is a huge amount of information on the website that takes time and dedication to maintain and update. They hire people to search the internet for genuine job offers and screen the companies that offer them. All of this takes time and money, and when you think about it, at $14.95 dollars per month, you are paying 50 cents per day to save yourself hours and hours of time searching for jobs yourself, and researching the companies involved.
Of course, if you pay the membership fee, search the first day and then forget about it until the last day before it runs, you have wasted your money.
To find a telecommute job, you need to search every single day. You need to apply for all the jobs that you are interested in. You need to keep checking to see if new job offers have been added and apply immediately.  The more jobs you apply for, the more likely it is you will get a job offer.  Flexjobs is making it easier by weeding out all the dodgy work from home offers for you.
Most of the jobs are US based but they sometimes have jobs for international applicants. You can browse through the jobs listings before coming a member and will only need to sign up if you find something that you want to apply for.

Search through the telecommute jobs at

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