Seven years ago I registered the domain  I wanted to write about working from home because as an expat in Spain, with two young children, living miles from anywhere, work was hard to find.
At the time, the internet still had a lot of get rich quick scams, or information that was way overpriced for the information it offered. Real jobs online or online business opportunities were hard to find if you weren´t a shark.
When you have two young kids to look after and you are busy earning a few pennies here and there, writing crap articles for peanuts, it is difficult to find the time or the energy to get all gung-ho about a new business. 
When you need to put food on the table and pay the mortgage, you are fighting fires the whole time instead of building a future.  Some people manage it, and generally make the rest of us feel insecure about it.
It took me a long, long, time to stop beating myself up about what I wasn´t doing, and start focusing on what I was doing. 
I stopped trying to compare myself to people who had the ´killer´ business instinct, and realised I wanted to help people on the lowest income levels.
I started to realise that a lot of the people who were successful had help.  Partners earning a regular wage, family and friends close by to help them, or a business background with gave the confidence they needed to start a business online.
And finally, I accepted that I didn´t need to be like all the other internet marketers because that is not what the Alternative Income Report is about. It is about changing the way people work, and getting at least one person in each family working online, or having different streams of income.  That way, when a crisis hits, like the last few years of financial hell, there will be at least one person in the family who has an alternative to a regular 9-5.
Some people will want to ramp it up and make it a full-time profitable business.  Others want something that only takes a couple of hours a day.  The choice is yours. We don´t all need to be millionaires. We don´t all want to spend 14 hours away working online to create a business that has us as exhausted as when we were working.  
When choosing a name for the website, one of the reasons I settled on Alternative Income Report was because the initials spell A.I.R.  Because when you are desperate, it can feel like you are drowning under the weight of financial problems, gasping for A.I.R.
There are real alternatives online.  There are genuine brick and mortar companies that hire employees to work from home. You can find something that fits your needs, your beliefs, and the time you have available.
There are currently almost 800 resources waiting to be added to the site, but each one has to be checked manually to make sure it is a valid opportunity or resource, so bear with me!
This website has been on the backburner for a long, long, time because I did not want it to be viewed as your run of the mill dross.  I want it to be like a restaurant when you come in and pick all the things you want and need off the menu, and it gets served up to you on a plate.

What you can do right now:

  • Save your favourites so you can save things that look interesting and that you might use at a later date.
  • Print out your own personalised report.  Instead of printing each page one by one, add them to your report and get a complete print-out of everything you need in one go!
  • Access all the downloads which include ebooks, templates, and money making guides.  Lots more to come!

Coming up....

  • Courses to teach you about different income methods, how to use social media, and any our members need to learn.
  • Members only forum to meet up with like-minded people interested in the same opportunities as you. Find a buddy you can team up with, get ideas from other people, or simply pop in for some support when you are struggling to keep going.
  • Hundreds more opportunities waiting to be added to the site!
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