Finding ways to make money from home seems to be a complete mystery to most people. When I mention it as an alternative they look at me like I am an alien. I find their willingness to go through life miserable for eight hours a day just as strange!
While I was out for a walk with the dog this morning, I got a visual example of the problem. It reminded me why some people will never stray off the traditional route, no matter how unhappy they are.  Because they follow the same path, regardless of the circumstances.
Where I walk the dog, you get to a certain area where you have two choices:
  1. Take the paved, ´safe´ route around the urbanisation.
  2. Take the dirt track through the trees.
The first couple of times I went along the safe path like the majority of dog owners.  By the third time, I was already bored and my eyes kept wondering over to the trees. I kept thinking there must be a more interesting walk over there.  So down the dirt track I went, only to find a gorgeous walk by a small stream, running parallel to the paved track.
The difference between the two is a few metres and you can´t tell what is on the other side of the trees unless you take the path. Of course my husband now thinks I am going to get murdered and my body found half-buried in the marshlands. Then again he does watch far too many crime series.  I´m not crazy, I wouldn´t walk down a dark alley in an inner city area with a high rate of drugs and crime. This is not one of those places. You have to weigh up your choices.
Choosing what looks like the safe path all the time might mean you are missing out on something amazing. So I take the path less travelled and I find the things that most people miss out on.
It is the same with finding a different way of earning money. Most people don´t even know different ways exist because they always look for regular jobs in their area.  Or, they think that working from home will not pay enough, is not secure enough, or they simply won´t be able to do it.
You don´t have to choose one or the other.  Earn extra money part-time, or start an online business while you keep your regular job. The beauty of working from home is flexibility.  
  • Employers who offer shifts.
  • Work that can be done around your current commitments.
  • Your own business that lets you work when you choose.
It is true that we only seem to hear the extreme stories about working at home. Either we get the isolation and never made it syndrome, or the other extreme of the rags to riches miracle.  There is so much more in the middle that you never hear about. 
Yes, you might have to learn new skills. Yes, you might have to do things that make  you uncomfortable like sales and marketing. Yes, there will be plenty of friends and family telling you to take the safe option of finding a ´proper´ job. The problem is that if you are here, that means you are researching working from home. So you have either:
  1. Exhausted the normal routes for making money.
  2. You have a ´proper job´but you are not happy with it.
Either way, you need to investigate telecommuting, freelancing or being an entrepreneur.  Let me blow the two biggest excuses out of the water right now:
  1. You don´t have the time.
    1 hour a day? You can´t find one hour a day to research, learn and test out new ideas? Ok, start with 10 minutes.
    Really.  Just start. Even if all you do is read about one new opportunity a day.

  2. You don´t  have the money.
    Who said you need money?  If you have limited cash flow,
    just trade money for time.  When you have money you can pay other people for their knowledge and get them to do a lot of the work for you.  If you don´t have money, you just do it yourself. It will take longer, but you can do it.
There are hundreds of employers offering telecommute and remote jobs. If you want to have the freedom of managing  your time, you can look at freelancing or running a home based business.  Need some inspiration?
Finally, you can also leave a comment  below and let us know exactly what you are looking for!

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