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As a Flex delivery driver you can set your own hours which makes it a good opportunity for anyone who needs to fit making money into irregular hours. The opportunity is currently available the US, UK, Spain, Germany and Singapore.
Assetz Capital is a peer-to-peer lending platform based in the UK that offers different accounts for lenders to earn up to 15% return.  Lenders do not pay any fees  on the loans that last anywhere from 3 months to 5 years. If you want to withdraw your money early you…
Make money from spare desks in your office by listing them for rent on Deskcamping.com. All you have to do is upload photos of the office environment you are offering and when someone makes an enquiry, Deskcamping will put them in contact with you.
Soothe offers freelance massage therapists an online platform to get more clients. As well as their website, they also have an app users can download to book massage therapists in their area, giving you access to more clients without having to do the marketing yourself. The website also has an…
Sell your story to magazines in the UK for up to £2,000 and appear in publications like Take a Break and That`s Life.
SYKES Home hire people from the US and Canada to provide customer from home. Experience is preferred but not required, so anyone can apply as they do provide paid training and even health benefits. What they offer Paid training Dental, vision and health benefits Incentives based on performance
Michael Suggs spent years as a supervisor for local mechanic shops and woodturning was just a hobby.  He finds it exciting to create items that are all unique because even though the shape  might be the same, the grain from the wood is always slightly different. He still has a…
Take advantage of the Amazon global network and access to millions of customers to sell your custom t-shirt designs.  You upload your design, add it to your store, and let Amazon take care of delivery.  You don´t need to be a graphic designer to create custom t-shirts. You can use…
Footweardeal.com offers top name brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, FILA, Converse etc. You can buy in wholesale lots or choose a dropshipping option if you want them to send direct to the buyer.
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Get Paid to Chat in English with Cambly

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Cambly pays you per minute for chatting to people from all over the world.  You don't  need experience and you don't  have to be a qualified teacher.  Log in, see if anyone is available to talk, start chatting and get paid.
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