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CreateMyTattoo.com is a tattoo design marketplace where clients post a request for a tattoo and designers enter the contest by submitting their custom images.  Artists can also submit their designs to the marketplace and earn 75% commission on every sale.
Blue Mountain Arts accepts poetry and writing submissions for their greeting cards. They want messages from the heart that help people communicate a special message - the key is to transmit ´genuine emotion´ rather than humorous rhyming verse.
Yankee Magazines accepts submissions for their travel, home, food and non-fiction sections covering the New England areas of Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
SpeakerMatch is one of the most popular directories for Speakers, where clients can find the person they are looking for to give a talk at an event. As a speaker you can list your profile so clients can find you, and you can also look through the job listings on…
AlertaPhone repairs iPhones and iPads, offering a do-it-yourself repair kit, express repairs in under an hour, and even a service where a technician goes to the clients house to repair the device. They are looking for more repair technicians throughout Spain and on their recruitment page they offer the chance…
dōTERRA sells 100% pure essential oils that are certified pure therapeutic grade, and are free of any pesticides.  They have a distribution program where you can be a  dōTERRA product consultant, earning commissions from sales to your own customers and commission on sales from people you sponsor as consultants.
Vayable.com connects travelers looking for a unique experience with guides who can offer something different from the standard holiday tours. According to Vayable, their guides make an average of $300 per trip and up to as much as $1200! The guides get a percentage of the book fee.
Helen Doron English franchises operate in more than 30 countries, offering English language learning. If you are interested in opening a Helen Doron franchise they are looking for Master Franchisors to own and operate regional networks. You get start-up help, marketing materials, and management support services.
Choice of Games (CoG) are looking for authors to write interactive novels and multiple choice games.  Using a simple programming language called ChoiceScript, even writers with no programming experience can develop interactive novels.
Online tutoring platform where you can create a profile and offer classes. Their most popular subjects are English, Math, Spanish, French, Chinese. 
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