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Did you know that you don't even have to leave your house to earn money? There are many ways to swap a regular job for Alternative Income, but for this website we have intentionally limited it to things you can do from anywhere in the world, and without ever having to commute to work.  Of course, if you choose to go and meet clients, suppliers etc. that is possible. But the point is that anyone can find a way of making money from home. 

I know, I know, it sounds like I am going to sell you the latest 'Make Millions Today' package!  Don't worry, this website is for the millions in the middle, those of you who need to make some money without having to do soul destroying or low paid jobs!


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Stencyl lets you build games, without any coding, which can be published on any mobile or desktop platform - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux & Flash. You can start with a free account that lets you publish to the web and if you decide to publish to the mobile platforms it is only $197 per year. No monthly fees and no royalty payments to Stencyl.

When my son first looked at the website he was not impressed (16-year old used to the latest Xbox graphics), however, when he saw how popular some of their games were, he took more of an interest in its money-making potential! So before you dismiss it for being too simple, or thinking the graphics are not good enough, give it a chance and look at what other people have done with it.


  1. Starter - free and lets you publish to the web
  2. Indie - $99 per year and lets you publish to web and desktop
  3. Studio - $199 per year and lets you publish to web, desktop and mobile platforms


Stencyl takes no royalties from any sales you make so you keep 100% of the profit and they make no claims on ownership of the games. You can make money from your game in a number of ways:

  1. Charge for it on AppStore, Google Play, Steam or other alternative stores.
  2. Offer it for free with in-game purchase options for upgrades.
  3. Embedded ads.
  4. Sponsorship from companies like Kongregate, Armor Games, Newgrounds etc.


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  • Type Freelance, Online
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
Published in Selling gives you a brilliant way to reduce waste and make money at the same time. Dave Hakkens has created machines anyone can build and use at home to recycle the plastic waste they produce. The plastic can then be used to create different products including lampshades, plant pots, clipboards, and many more. Use your imagination and make a huge range or products you can sell online.

Dave Hakkens had a clear mission:

  1. Create machines to recycle plastic.
  2. Give everyone access to the machine blueprints for free.
  3. Show people how to start.
  4. Share it all over the world.
While it sounds like it would be expensive or complicated, the answer to both is that it is a lot less than you think. The website claims you can make the machines yourself, and the molds can be made with anyone from basic welding to advanced CNC milling.

The Shredder  +/- 180€ 

As the name suggests, this machine shreds the plastics you put in to it, and the flakes are then used in different ways depending on what you want to make.

Injection  +/- 130€ 

After heating the plastic you can create different small objects using molds.

Compression +/- 120€ 

The plastic is heated in an 'oven' and then moulded into larger shapes.

Extrusion +/- 192€ 

The plastic is turned into long lines of plastic which can have a variety uses.


Even though he started it as a project to try and reduce local waste, Dave Hakkens realised the true potential this could have worldwide and he has been promoting the idea ever since.

For artists and entrepreneurs this is a great way help reduce pollution and make money at the same time!




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  • Type Freelance, Business
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? Yes
Published in Selling is all about finding money making opportunities you can do without leaving the house. Well here we've listed the strangest ways we have found of making money from home!

1. Sell your breast milk

Human breast milk is apparently popular with bodybuilders and no doubt a few fetishists, but whatever the reason there is a trade in breast milk where mothers can sell any excess milk they have via:

2. Sell your hair

Good quality hair is in demand by wigmakers worldwide, so if you have super long locks in great condition you could earn up to $4000 (although it is more likely to be in the hundreds).

3. Pretend to be someones friend

On you can offer your services and earn up to $50 per hour. You could help someone who doesn't want to go on their own to a wedding, or wants a partner to go to dance classes with. Maybe they want to pretend you are their girlfriend/boyfriend while their parents are in town.  Sounds like an escort service?  Well the website claims they are not a dating website or an escort agency, they just help people who are looking for a quick way to find some company for a specific event.

4. Get Paid to Cuddle

While this sounds like a polite of offering intimacy with strangers, people actual pay to come over and just cuddle.  As crazy as it sounds, in this fast paced world, many people are separated from family, feel lonely, or find it relaxing to cuddle with others.  For up to $80/£50 it is something many people will consider. 

5. Do Yoga with Dogs

Got a spare room or large garage? Then you can offer Doga a.k.a. Yoga for dogs. Learn how to do it and then offer sessions to clients one-on-one or in groups.

Did I miss anything out? If you know of any weird and wonderful ways to make money from home (that are legal), let me know in the comments below and we will add it to the list. We already know there are hundreds of different ways to earn money working from home but I want to hear about the most unsual ones!

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Over the last 20 years I experienced the two extremes of gettingoverpaid in a steady job in London, and searching for coins under the sofa cushions to pay for food while unemployed. Listening to the rumblings of more economic doom and gloom, I am amazed how so many people sit patiently waiting for the next wave of financial panic to hit.  

The majority of people are like children who are waiting for their parents to solve everything. No food on the table? Your parents will fix it. They may make you clear the table and do a little work for it, but ultimately they are responsible for the shopping and the cooking and bringing the food into the house.

It is not their fault. That is all they know, all they have been taught, and unless you have ever found yourself in a situation where you have to get creative or starve, financial independence seems almost impossible.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I was the same. Working in London, working too many hours, juggling young children with a 9-5 job. Stress, health problems from the stress, and a ridiculous need to buy crap I didn't need. Instead of taking up meditation, yoga, or just going to the gym to de-stress I decided to move my family to Spain. Only now, 11 years later, can I see the humour in it, but while I was living those first dark years, there was only more stress because I was completely unprepared. 

It was very much a case of 'be careful what you wish for'.  I wanted to get away from the madness of London - the traffic, the pollution, the commute, the lack of time to spend with my children. That is exactly what I got. Except that I forgot to give the magic genie specific instructions. 

  • I didn't specify I wanted to be in an area with lots of work, that would be easy to find - so I came to an area with few job opportunities and an economy booming only with the construction sector that would crash within 2 years of me arriving.
  • I forgot to say I wanted my house next to the school so I wouldn't have to spend thousands on petrol over the years to take the kids to and from school.
  • I did not ask for a job that would pay me more than enough until retirement - so I came over with a company that did not even have an office yet and I ending up 'working' out of a lock-up with one table, one chair and a toilet. On my own.

You get the idea. I made life even more difficult for myself. Which made finding work even more difficult than it needed to be. 


I suppose I was lucky as I did eventually manage to find a job working for another real estate company next to the school, for a minimum wage that paid little more than the mortgage. Except that they 'let me go' two weeks before Christmas.

Lucky I had been looking for other jobs because I knew if they weren't paying themselves they wouldn't be paying me for much longer. I was offered a job working online for an American company and once again settled into a false sense of security. Except that the job disappeared a year later.

I still hadn't managed to replace the savings we had used moving over, we had a mortgage, loans and kids to feed.  I begged for them another job. Anything. They gave me one as an SEO copywriter.

Another 2 years of relative security, until they gave me 2 weeks notice they couldn't afford to pay me anymore. Fast downward slide on the income rollercoaster once again.

After dabbling in freelancing and commission only jobs, I gave in and got a 'real job' teaching English at an academy in the city.  Yay.  Regular income. Except that the classes kept changing, and there were no classes, so no income, over the summer.

All of which reinforced the idea that it is a nightmare relying on other people for your financial security! Your future depends on them running their business well so they can afford to pay you, on the ups and downs of the international markets and an unknown number of invisible factors you have no control over.

Profits Over People

The majority of employers also put profits over people. They run a business, it's to be expected they are going to worry more about their profit than your financial security. They offer you a job at a certain rate and you decide whether or not to accept it. Except that in many areas this 'choice' is limited or non-existent. You have to compromise and take what you can get, which often means a low paid job you are over qualified for.

Welcome to the working poor.  People who are working and still don't make enough to feed their families and cover all their bills, let alone have any left over for savings or extras. When you see poor families in developing countries you think "Oh poor them."  Except that we now have working poor throughout the supposedly 'developed' countries - the US, UK and European countries. 

That is why it is madness to rely on employers for your financial security.

Alternative Income

I am not saying everyone should start working for themselves, but we definitely need to create more diversity in the way households earn money. Now is the time for people to start looking at non-traditional jobs, at working online, at starting their own business. We need at least one person in every household earning Alternative Income which does not rely on employers and is not subject to the whims of governments, traders and bankers screwing up the economy.

We as individuals and communities need to stop relying on other people to create opportunities for us and start taking advantage of technology to work differently.

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Connections Education

Previous Job Listing

Working primarily from your home, certified Teachers will “virtually” manage instructional programs. Through use of the telephone, Internet and various curriculum tools the Substitute Teacher will consult regularly with learning coaches and students to ensure that each child successfully completes his/her instructional program. The Substitute Teacher will support various CA schools during short term periods of teacher absences for up to but not limited to 6-8 weeks. This is a part-time position with no benefits.

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  • Job Title Substitute Teacher

Make money selling your tattoo designs on  Artists can submit their work to the website, use it to create a following, get fans, and earn some money.

The website is a project involving Ami James, well known from the Miami Ink television. series. He also has tattoo parlours in London, New York, Baltimore and Asheville.  Ami James will give you his personal seal of approval if you submit great quality designs giving your profile a serious boost!

There are two ways to earn money:

  1. Enter in the design contests set up by clients wanting a custom tattoo and compete for the winners prize. Clients have to pay upfront to make sure winners get paid!
  2. also sell tattoo prints and a variety of merchandise where you can also show off your work.

Great opportunity to showcase your work.

Additional Info

  • Type Freelance
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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Run your own jewelry business offering your clients the chance to create custom jewelry - they can create something unique from hundreds of different pieces of jewelry. You host parties called ‘Socials’ where you help your guests create jewelry they love and buy, and in return you earn 40% commission.

You can add new ‘artists’ to your team who set up their own business and you earn a commission from their sales. Like all multi-level-marketing, the more people you get on board, the more you can earn. This is a business where you can do it just part time and earn a little extra income on the side, or you can develop it full time and build a large team that helps you earn a full time income.

You are fully supported by the main company who give you training, marketing materials, and a website with your name on it. The training is via meetings, webinars, and phone calls, so the leaders can show you how to build your business.

There are three starter packs to choose from starting from $59,00 which includes samples, marketing materials and access to your back office website.

Find out more about running your own custom jewelry business here: 

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  • Type Freelance, Online, Business
  • Eligibility US
  • Investment required? Yes
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Transators Town is a specialist marketplace focusing on matching freelance translators with clients looking for someone to help them with their translation.

Freelance translators can either bid on the jobs posted on the website, or they might be contacted directly through their listing on the directory. They do charge a fee however for bidding on open jobs, so if you join as a free member you will only be able to add your detais to the directory, and paid members get listed above free members.

Payment for work done is negotiated directly between the freelance translator and the client. Translators Town does not get involved in payments and acts purely as a listing directory for jobs and freelancers.

Find out more at:

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  • Type Freelance, Online
  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
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