• Get Paid $200 Per Feature Article At AListApart.com
    Get Paid $200 Per Feature Article At AListApart.com

    AListApart.com is dedicated to people who create websites and everything it involves, from coding to design. They invite people to write for them, but this is no content farm, you will have to submit quality content. As a reward, you get up to $200 for a feature article that is accepted and published.

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  • Get Paid to Write Resumés at ResumeEdge

    ResumeEdge offers writers a part-time or full-time freelance opportunity to write resumés from home. They offer customers the opportunity to get a professional resume, cover letter or social profile written so candidates have the best possible chance of being successful in their job search and interviews.

    How it Works

    Clients fill out a questionnaire and provide existing resumes if they have one, so you have something to work with. In some cases you will to speak to the client on the phone to get further information if required, but ResumeEdge provides their writers with prompt cards and training resources online.


    You will need to have experience in either one of their 40 job industries or experience of writing resumes and cover letters.  If you already have a Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) certification or a National Certified Resume Writers (NCRW) certification you will have an advantage when applying. In any case, they have ongoing certifcation checks on a quaterly basis to make sure their quality standards are upheld. 

    General requirements include:

    • Excellent written skills
    • Excellent verbal skills
    • Data organization
    • Patience
    • Critical thinking skills

    Working Hours

    You can choose the hours you want to work and you can take as many or as few assignments as you want.  You are not restricted to working only for ResumeEdge and can continue to work for other clients.


    You get paid per assignment and ResumeEdge gives writers with excellent feedback bonuses in addition to their assignment pay.  Although they do not mention payment rates for writers, they charge clients from $129 dollars for a beginners resume up to $399 for an executive resume.

    Sign up to be a resume writer at ResumeEdge

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  • Get Paid to Review Products with ReviewMe.com
    Get Paid to Review Products with ReviewMe.com
    Your blog will have to be approved according to how many subscribers and traffic you have.
    Once you are in the review system, advertisers choose which blogs they want to review their product and you get notified if you are chosen.  The better your rating as a blogger the more reviews you will be able to do per month.
    Reviews have to be a minimum of 200 words and you will have to make it clear to readers that it is a sponsored post.
    If you are not approved on your first application you can always submit your site again once your traffic has increased.

    Payments are made via check with a minimum $25 payout.  Payout via PayPal has no minimum.

    Apply: https://www.reviewme.com/bloggers.php

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  • Write Articles for Copify
    Write Articles for Copify

    Copify is a content marketplace which hires freelance writers to write articles for their clients.

    Writers log in to the marketplace, look at the list of content requests and decide whether to accept them or not.  There is no bidding or proposals as the articles all have fixed fees.

    Copify claims writers can up to pounds per 500 words.


    Payments are made via and you can request a payout at any point in the month as payments are issued every day.

    Sign up today: http://uk.copify.com/jobs  

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  • Social Spark - Get Paid to Blog
    Social Spark - Get Paid to Blog

    "SocialSpark.com is a premium sponsorship marketplace that connects you directly with Advertisers who will compensate you to write blog posts about their products, services and websites on your own blog. Advertisers offer you “Opportunities” and you have the option of accepting, declining or negotiating with them."

    Sign up with Social SparK:  http://socialspark.com/publishers/

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  • Get a Pay Per Post on Your Blogs and Social Media Accounts

    Get paid for posting on your blog, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.    Choose the advertisers you want to write for on your blog, write the blog post and claim your payment. Funds are paid into your account after 30 days and payout is made when  your account reaches $50 or more.

    Register your blog for paid posts: https://payperpost.com/

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  • Write Greeting Cards for Blue Mountain Arts

    Blue Mountain Arts accepts poetry and writing submissions for their greeting cards.

    They want messages from the heart that help people communicate a special message - the key is to transmit ´genuine emotion´ rather than humorous rhyming verse.

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  • Write for Yankee Magazine

    Yankee Magazines accepts submissions for their travel, home, food and non-fiction sections covering the New England areas of Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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  • Vayable - Get Paid to Plan Trips for Others
    Vayable - Get Paid to Plan Trips for Others

    Vayable.com connects travelers looking for a unique experience with guides who can offer something different from the standard holiday tours. According to Vayable, their guides make an average of $300 per trip and up to as much as $1200! The guides get a percentage of the book fee.

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  • Choice of Games
    Choice of Games

    Choice of Games (CoG) are looking for authors to write interactive novels and multiple choice games.  Using a simple programming language called ChoiceScript, even writers with no programming experience can develop interactive novels.

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  • Escargot Books and Music

    Richard La Plante runs Escargot books and claims to offer a more personal publishing experience, by getting to know their authors and what makes them ´compelled to write´.Escargot claims to offer higher royalties than other publishers, but does not pay an advance.

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