150 Ways to Make Money

150+ Ways to Make Money Without Leaving the House

When you are looking for alternative ways to make money from home, it can be overwhelming searching online for genuine work at home opportunities, so we have made it easy for you. Here you have a list of 150+ ideas of remote jobs, business and freelance ideas you can implement without leaving the house! Use it as a trigger to find the things you are interested in, then create a shortlist of moneymakers you can do from home.

Top tips for choosing your money-making ideas:

  • Some of these sound quick and easy, but everything will take some time to learn, setting up, marketing, etc.
  • Many of these should not be taken as a single source of income – combine some or many of the options to build up your portfolio and your income.
  • If you don’t know how to do something you can learn it.
  • You don’t have to do it on your own – get friends and family to help or outsource.
  • Everything is possible!

Bear in mind that different countries, and even different areas within the same country will have different rules and regulations. You will need to check what is required in your particular area in terms of licences, taxes, etc.

Have we missed anything out? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article.

Make money working from home
Keep an open mind when you are researching ideas for making money from home.


Voice Overs

Voice overs are needed for many different projects including radio ads, television commercials, YouTube videos, audiobooks etc. As a complete beginner you can start offering amateur gigs on websites like Fiverr.com to get some experience and feedback from potential clients. If you are worried about spending money on a home recording studio, you can see if you get any interest from clients with the set up you currently have before investing any money into new equipment. You can then go to websites like Voicebunny.com or Voice123.com to set up a professional profile and get higher paying jobs.


Most people are not that comfortable in front of the camera, which is a problem when videos are so important for marketing or promoting a product. If you are happy to record a video you can sell your services on places like Fiverr.com. It might just involve recording a review for a product, or explaining what a product is about etc.


Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers work for clients who want to make sure the buying experience at their store, either online or offline, is a good one. Mystery shopping usually involves having to go the store itself and report on the quality of the service, location etc. However, you can also be a mystery shopper by buying something over the phone!


As a telemarketer you make calls on behalf of clients to boost their sales and marketing efforts. Depending on the company and the campaign they are running, you could be setting up appointments, doing market research, signing up new clients etc.

Telephone Triage

Nurses can work from home doing telephone triage for companies like Intellatriage or NurseTriage. You will take calls from patient, assess their situation.

Insurance for nomads and remote workers


Coaching can easily be done via online video conferencing like Skype, Google Hangouts etc or over the phone. You offer your experience in a certain field to help others improve their current situation.

Career Coach

Teenagers about to leave school or go to college, mothers trying to get back into the workforce, or someone looking for a complete change in career often need help in choosing their new path.

Fitness Coach

The majority of people don´t know how to use the time they have available efficiently. They may want to get fit, but find one excuse after another not to do it. You can help them find the right training program for their lifestyle, give them advice and be an accountability buddy who checks they are doing their exercise each week. Contact customers via video or offer lessons in your own home where clients can come for a 1 on 1 session.

Lifestyle Coach

Lifestyle coaches can help with a whole range of issues including productivity, self-development, setting goals and anything else that can improve a client’s quality of life. Coach them online, on the phone, or in your own home.


Consulting is sometimes used instead of coaching, but there are subtle differences. A coach is usually focused on an individual on a longer term basis, whereas a consultant works on a particular project, often with many people (a team). A coach will work to help you find the solutions yourself, whereas a consultant is more likely to present the solutions to you in terms of a project plan for example.

Entrepreneur Consultant

Entrepreneurs can have one or more businesses and need help determining how to bring their ideas to market, where to focus their efforts, how to build the right team around them, etc. If you have experience in starting new businesses you could help new entrepreneurs map out strategic goals for the future.

Legal Consultant

As a legal consultant working from home you can use your experience to bid for jobs on freelance sites, set up gigs on Fiverr.com or work as a consultant for firms like Allen & Overy. Projects could include consulting on legal issues related to real estate, contracts, employment, start ups, websites etc.

SEO Consultant

SEO Consultants help their customers get more traffic to their websites or products with Search Engine Optimization. They know how to use keywords, content and marketing tactics to move their clients website up the search engine rankings. As an SEO Consultant you might recommend changes to the website, keywords to use, set up Adwords campaigns etc.

Startup Consultant

Startups will have a product they are developing and need to get funded, produced and distributed. Only a small number of startups are successful so you can help them with business plans, financial models, market research etc.

Travel Consultant

Even though people can now book their holidays directly online, all the information at their fingertips can be overwhelming. There is still a market for helping people with their travel plans, whether that is creating an exotic holiday schedule, planning the best cruises, or recommending the best places to go in a particular area. 



Catering does not always have to be done on a big scale. If you have to do it on your own you could start small and start offering catering for birthday parties for your friends children. Cakes, sandwiches, snacks….you could save other parents the hassle and the time it takes to prepare the food for a party. If you have someone to help you it gives you the opportunity to scale up and do bigger events.

Cooking Classes

Do you love teaching others how to cook? Why not give classes in your home, teaching what you know. You could teach the basics to new parents, speciality cooking if you do gluten-free, Mexican, Filipino cooking etc. What about offering workshops like Annie B´s Spanish Kitchen in Cadiz, Spain.

Home Cooked Meals

If you are good at cooking, you can use your natural talent to offer home cooked meals to others. This could be take-away meals for parents who are too busy to cook but don´t want to rely on fast food takeaways or processed food. You can also sign up to websites like EatWith.com and get paid to host dinner parties in your house.


Online Therapist

If you are a licensed therapist you can work from home by using online messaging to talk to clients. Portals like Talkspace.com list professional therapists and save them the cost of having to run an office. Alternatively you could set up your practice at home and have your clients visit you.

Homebased Therapist

As well as dealing with clients over Skype or instant messaging you can set up a home-based practice. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to doing this, but you should also consider different kinds of counselling like Strategic Intervention which is self-paced and can take as little as 20 weeks to complete.


Custom Jewelry

Etsy.com and websites like it promote hand made products and designs. They offer an alternative to the mass produced items on offer and appeals to customers who prefer more unique gifts and products

Gift Baskets

Why not create unique gift baskets that the receiver will love to get. Forget plain chocolates or flowers, make unique baskets that customers will love.

Invent New Products

Inventions take time and money to bring to market which means that each year thousands of ideas go to waste. With websites like Quirky.com you can submit your ideas, get the community to help you with the design, and if it gets approved they will develop it and share the profits with you. No need for you to spend money, just come up with great ideas!


Scrapbooking is very popular in the US and like anything else, people often don´t have the time to make them. It could be a way for you to make money helping others preserve their memories -a scrapbook can be physical or digital. Not everyone has the creativity to make them more than a boring old book with a few photos stuck in them. There is also a market for scrapbooking templates and accessories.


Book Covers

The popularity of digital books means there is a demand for designing ebook covers. Writers need to have a professional looking design to attract buyers to their book. Again, you can use an application like Canva.com or Sumo Paint online or a graphics editor like GIMP.

Custom Clothing

You probably imagine t-shirts when you think about custom clothing, but you actually set up a ´shop-front´ online with all sorts of different clothes. Most of the sites are free to join, you just need to upload different designs and publish it for sale. There are opportunities to customise t-shirts, caps, trousers, yoga pants, dresses, trousers, sweatshirts. Go full-steam and create your own ´brand´ or focus on one type of clothing.


To the untrained eye a lot of fonts look the same, or at least very similar. However, this doesn´t stop websites like YouWorkForThem.com offering to pay you commission for any new fonts or graphics you create and sell via the site.


Designing flyers is easy with free tools like Canva.com even if you have no experience. Contact local businesses who need help with their marketing and offer your services. You could include it in a package where you offer to create the website, logo, business cards and flyers for their business.


There are several ways to make money with logos. You can include it as part of a branding package if you want to sell marketing services, join design contests at websites like 99Designs.com, or set up a profile on websites like Behance or Envato.


Everyone who has a business should have an online presence to promote their business and have a visible online profile. Using modern content management systems like Joomla and WordPress you don´t even have to learn programming. Set up websites for clients and you can create an ongoing monthly maintenance income or charge for extra services like social media management.


Editing Videos

Can you edit videos? Do you know how to create promotional videos, or edit home movies? If so you could offer your services on a freelance basis or on microjobs websites like Fiverr etc. You can do simple video editing with tools like Filmora if you are not a professional.


YouTube is not the only video provider and others like Vimeo offers plans that allow you to sell videos to your subscribers. You can also make money from videos by providing video editing services from home. There are many free and paid resources like Filmora available that allow you to put together a video with special effects. You can advertise your services on micro gig sites like Fiverr, bid for jobs on freelance websites or contact clients directly and build your business through referrals.

YouTube Channel

There are videos on YouTube with over a BILLION views. I mention it, not because the majority of mere mortals could achieve that, but to emphasise how popular the video format is today. I´m still baffled at the success of many of the most popular videos but you can´t argue with the numbers. You can upload random videos, or create a channel to share your tips and experience, making money by monetizing your videos.


Flipping is the term used to describe the action of buying something with the intention of selling it for a profit rather than keeping it and using it yourself or developing it long term.

Flip Cars

As long as you have a garage or a driveway where you can park the car you want to flip, this is something else you could from home. Ok, so technically you would need to leave the house, but only as far as your front garden or garage. You can get the seller to come to you or buy cars online. Vehicles can be a big ticket item so this is not something you should do without knowledge about cars, or at least access to someone who does have the experience to help you flip them.

Flip Websites

Flipping websites is competitive, but if you can find a good domain name, create a website, combine it with social media profiles and present buyers with a ready made package, you can make a profit. Domain names are cheap and hosting can be less than $5 per month. Use a free content management system like WordPress to add content and you can get started for less than $20.


Freelancing gives you the freedom to work for several different clients . You choose the projects you want to work on and they can be short term or long term. You can make the transition from telecommuting to freelancing if you want to have a more flexible schedule. Many freelancers are also entrepreneurs, combining working for their clients with running their own businesses online or offline. Once the business is making enough money to qualify as a full-time income, they focus on it full-time or set up more businesses instead of working for others. Popular websites to find freelance gigs include Upwork.com and Freelancer.com.


Ideally your backyard should be bigger than your average city garden, but if you are lucky enough to own a good size plot there are a number of ways you could make money from gardening. You could grow organic fruit and vegetables to be sold locally, or if you have acres of land as your back yard, grow trees to sell.

Create Products From Your Plants

Growing plants like lavender means that you can create a whole range of products from those plants like pillows, lotions, perfumed sachets, soap, dried bouquets etc.

Grow Herbs

According to ProfitablePlants.com you can make up to $300 a week growing herbs in your backyard.

Grow Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Local sources of organic vegetables provide an alternative to the mass produced fruit and vegetables sold in the stores. Customers could include local individuals, shops and restaurants.

Keep Bees In Your Garden

Start a beekeeping business and sell the honey produced at local markets and to local shops.



Crowdfunding is the idea of raising money from projects from a large number of small investors instead of getting all the money from a regular loan or limited number of investors. As an investor, you can invest in one or many projects, choosing the risk level you want to accept and investing in anything from startups to real estate. Minimum investment levels start from as little as 5$ which really does make it available to everyone.

Invest in Real Estate

When you think of investing in real estate you probably imagine that the smallest place you could invest in would be an apartment, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Well real estate, just like start ups, can all be crowdfunded. Portals like Housers in Spain offer participation in real estate from only €50, while others like RealtyShares require a minimum investment of $5,000 and CrowdStreet $10,000.

Invest in Startups

While crowdfunding can be used to finance anything, from life saving health treatment to a tour for an up and coming musician, startups are specific. As the name suggests you are investing in companies, or individuals, who are trying to get a project started. It might be a mobile app, the latest innovation or a new service. You can choose to lend money, just like you would in crowdfunding, or you can also opt for equity (buy a piece of the company)

Invest in Trees

Investments don´t always have to boring and if you felt like diversifying you can also invest in christmas trees in Canada. Some companies claim returns of up to 18% per annum.

Lend Money

Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending allows people to lend money to others through online portals like Prosper in the US or Zopa in the UK. Those looking for a loan use P2P networks for a variety of reasons. They can get funding quicker, they are having trouble getting a loan from a bank, or they may have a less than ideal credit history. For lenders, this is an opportunity to earn higher rates than you would get in a savings account.


Listen to Calls

Companies like Humanatic pay to review calls which help their clients check on the quality of customer service their clients receive. Each review only pays a cent or 2, so you really have to be very focused to be able to make decent money. However, the calls are short, you can increase the amount as you progress, and their top earner has earned $40 in a day.

Listen to Music

This one is not going to replace even a part-time job, but if you like listening to music you might as well get rewarded for it. MusicXRay pays you to listen to new songs they send you.

Looking After Animals

Dog Grooming

Do you have a garage you could convert into a dog grooming salon? Have customers come to you to get their dog pampered.

Dog Training

If you are an experienced trainer, there is no reason you can´t have clients come to you instead of you going to their home, provided you have the space for it in your garden!

Pet Sitting Service

A lot of owners do not want to put their pets into a boarding kennel when they go away on holiday and would much rather their pet had a home environment to stay in. The jobs might be short term for weekends, or longer term if the owners go on a holiday or business trip.

Looking After Children

After School Club

Unfortunately for parents, working hours do not usually coincide with school hours. Which means there is a slot after school where their children need to be monitored. For older children it might just be offering somewhere they can wait instead of being out on the street. For younger children it could be a safe place to wait and do their homework until their parents get home from work.


Babysitting is not just for teenagers to do, so if you need some extra cash you can also offer your services looking after kids while the parents go out for the evening. It is more usual for babysitters to go to the clients house, but if they know you they might be willing to let you babysit at your own house.


Daycare is usually a half day or full day on a regular basis, while the parents go to work. Daycare can require you to jump through a lot of hoops to get it all registered and legal, but if you love kids and have the space in your house, why not make it your homebased business?

Looking After People

Clothes Making Service

It may seem like being a dressmaker is going out of fashion, there are still people who want clothes custom made or who need repairs and alternations made to their garments. You can offer the service out of your home and have customers bring the items to you. If you have a spare room in your house you could dedicate that to your business. Yes there are cheap clothing stores all over the place, but there is always someone who would prefer quality, unique designs than the disposable clothing sold by so many stores these days!

Home-Based Hairdresser

You might think you have to be a mobile hairdresser and visit clients in their home, but you can also set up a hairdressing service in your own home. Get the customers to come to you and offer haircuts, get brides ready for their wedding day, hair-dos for special occasions…

Home-based Makeup Artist

Do you remember how bad your makeup looked when you first started putting it on? Or how over the top some people look when they go out? If you have the skills, why not offer to do their make-up before they go out. Or teach people how to to put makeup on which is flattering? If you live near a church or popular wedding venue you could include this in a package for brides and bridesmaid to get ready at your house.

Ironing & Laundry Service

Offer a laundry and ironing service for those who don´t have time to do it themselves and don´t have a dry cleaner nearby. Get them to drop it off and pick it up from your house. You could offer it together with an alterations and repairs service.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid a commission every time you sell someone else´s product. Companies get affiliates to sell ebooks, software, services and more. Commissions can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per sale if you send clients to companies like GoldandSilverForLife.com

Marketing Services for Local Businesses

Even though all the larger companies know they need to have a presence online, smaller business often struggle to take their brick and mortar business online. They don´t have the funds for big marketing campaigns, or fancy websites and don´t have the skills to get themselves online. Could you help local businesses get set up online with a website and social media presence?

Multi-Level Marketing

In multi-level marketing you sell the products of a company and build your own team so you can move up the ladder and start wholesaling products and earning greater commission. This is NOT the same as pyramid schemes as here you have physical products to sell. Think of it like starting on the shop floor as a sales assistant, then getting promoted to manager, regional manager, then starting your own company so you can take advantage of wholesale prices. Have a look at companies like Forever Living which sells aloe vera and beeswax products for humans and animals.

Sell Ad Space on Your Website

If you have a blog or other type of website you can sell ad space on it. Instead of just relying on Google Adsense or affiliate banners, you can list your website on speciality sites like BuySellAds.com. You can also set your own pricing by displaying an ad on your site with the offer for advertisers.

Social Media Manager

Posting to social media every day and generating new leads takes time and companies are willing to pay you to do that. So if you love Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. this could be the perfect job for you. As a freelancer you can set your own fees and recruit a number of clients, or you could get a remote/telecommute job as a social media manager by searching job listings online.


Plan Birthday Parties

Birthday parties can be a nightmare for parents who have to try and make sure all the kids are kept entertained, as well as sorting out the food. Many would welcome the help of an organizer who can take over the planning and preparation so all they have to do is turn up and enjoy the party as well. If you know your local area well you could find venues, do the catering and organize entertainers. If you do it well, you would get instant referrals from the rest of the parents.

Plan Corporate Events

Corporate events can include team building weekends away, staff parties or client entertainment. If you have the contacts and organizational ability to plan events for companies, you could be the go-to person for businesses that do not have their own in-house planners.

Plan Cruises

American Discount Cruises and Cruises Inc. hire home-based agents to sell their cruises. You can work from home helping customers plan their next cruise and get a commission when they book it.

Plan Holidays

While it is true that anyone can go on the internet and find thousands of holidays available all over the world, it can be overwhelming. Work from home travel agents can help clients book their holidays via companies like World Travel HoldingsMickeyVacations and TravelWithTheMagic.com also hire independent contractors to sell holidays to Disney.

Plan Honeymoons

Bliss Honeymoons have independent agents who specialise in planning honeymoons. They say they prefer you to be in Ohio as they are based there, but will consider other locations. Or why not start your own honeymoon planning service as a niche travel business?


Create a mobile app

Mobile apps and games can get MILLIONS of downloads, which means lots of revenue in either paid downloads or advertising. To make it successful you will need to invest either time or money into creating the app, but don´t assume it has to be anything particularly complicated to be a hit! Learn how to code or outsource the work to a freelance programmer.

Develop software

Software can be offered on a website with recurring monthly fees, as a download for computers and tablets, or as a mobile app. Build it yourself if you have the skills, or outsource the work to freelancers.

Develop websites

Developing websites does not have to mean you need programming skills. You could oversee the development of the website and hire freelancers to do the tricky stuff. Alternatively, if your clients only need simple websites, you could learn Joomla or WordPress and create it yourself, learning basic programming skills to make small changes. Make sure you set them up your own free eseller hosting account and you can get recurring commissions for as long as they keep their website running.

Freelance Programmer

Freelance programmers are in high demand and there are thousands of gigs available for freelancers, as well as telecommute jobs. Bid for clients on freelance websites like Upwork.com, or find remote jobs on SimplyHired.com and Indeed.com.


Recruitment Consultant

Recruiting can be done from home as long as you have access to the internet. Send Resourcing and AES in the UK work with home-based consultants who search for suitable candidates to match with open job listings. If the candidate you put forward is successful and gets the job, you will get a commission.


Rent Equipment

Lots of equipment sitting around in your garage or in your garden shed? List your equipment for rent on classified ads sites or specialist portals like like Spinlister.com for bikes or film equipment on ShareGrid.com.

Rent Out Your Boat

Got a boat you don´t use that much? List it for rent on Boatbound.co and offset your costs. You can list power boats or sail boats, vetting customers and choosing whether or not to rent to them. Use the calculator on their home page to see how much you could make each month.

Rent Out Your Spare Room

Guests get to rent a cheaper or more homely property, while hosts get extra income and the chance to meet new people from all over the world. AirBnB and similar websites have made the rental business popular amongst property owners who can list their spare rooms for sale. You can choose to rent out just one room, or the whole property.

Rent Out Your Garden

If you have a beautiful garden that is picturesque, or is in a great location by the river etc. you could offer it as a location for photos shoots, or painting classes. Depending on the size of your garden, you could also parcel it out as allotments, or rent it out to campers. Place a yurt or something else exotic/unique on the plot and list is as a glamping plot (glamorous camping).

Rent Out Your Music Equipment

Anything related to music can be listed on SparkPlug for rent including instruments, rehearsal rooms, mics, amps, studios etc.

Rent Out Your Vehicle

Car rentals are not limited to the bigger, more expensive car hire companies like Hertz. Individuals can list their cars for rent on sites like Turo.com or Getaround.com and earn money with their vehicles. The companies offer additional insurance to protect your car and you choose whether you want to rent to inquirers.

Rent Your Body

Set up a profile on LeaseYourBody.com which connects advertisers with people who are willing to wear a temporary tattoo advertising their product. You can also set up gigs on sites like Fiverr.com where you offer to take a photo or make a video with message on different parts or your body.

Rent Your Desk

Is there a spare desk in your home office that you could rent out? Don´t let it go to waste. List it on websites like OfficeGenie in the UK, LaunchDesk in the Netherlands, or PivotDesk in the US. You can list a whole office, a conference or a single desk for rent.

Rent Your Parking Space

By parking space I mean your own driveway! Yes it´s true, people will pay you to rent our your driveway on websites like YourParkingSpace.co.uk or  JustPark.com. If you live in a popular area where parking is difficult it converts your driveway into another way to make money. For example, in the centre of a city, close to a train station popular with commuters etc.


Repair Clothes

Not everyone wants to buy new clothes every time they get a tear, or a zip needs replacing, but most people don´t know how to do it or are not very good at it. You could offer a repair service and combine it with a laundry service or dressmaking service.

Repair Computers

While most people can use a computer, repairing them when they go wrong can be time-consuming if they have to send it away. You could offer a local service helping people fix problems with their computers, whether it is a software issue or a hardware issue. Combine it with computer related sales and upgrades for extra income.

Repair Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are now essential for most people but once the guarantee runs out, getting a new all-singing, all-dancing smartphone can be too expensive for them. Sometimes it is as simple as replacing a broken screen. If you can provide a local service fixing phones, you could save your customers hundreds of dollars if they can avoid buying a new phone. Yes, there are do-it-yourself kits on Amazon, but not everyone is brave enough to try and do it themselves!


Evaluate search engine results

Companies like Lionbridge and Appen often advertise for people to work from home evaluating search engine results. You might be checking online ads, social media etc. to make sure the search engine results offered to customers are accurate.

Family Tree Business

Researching family history can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don´t know where to look, so some people would prefer to pay you to do it. If you are great at research, you can find what you need online to create a family tree for your clients. Combine it with affiliate offers for DNA heritage tests for extra income.



Editors and proofreaders can find ways to work from home freelancing, working for content farms like Constant Content , or websites like Kibin. Once you have a steady stream of clients you could set up your own editing and proofreading business and outsource your extra work.


Moderators need to monitor social media pages, forums and website comments to weed out any offensive comments or spam postings. You can get work as a freelancer for companies like The Social Element or Crisp or as a full-time telecommute job.

Online Juror

Online jurors help attorneys prepare for trial by highlighting key themes and public attitudes. It can help attorneys anticipate how juries might react and reach their decision, so they can adapt their approach to it. JuryMatters.com and OnlineVerdict.com are two of the websites looking for mock jurors.


Proofreaders can work on a number of different projects including books, web content, white papers, research papers etc. Get freelance proofreading work or set up your own business.

Rate Applicants

Vericant hires people to watch videos of international students applying to North American schools. You have to grade their English level according to the company Spoken English Evaluation, and they have work from September to March.



AvonForever LivingIsagenix and DoTerra are some of the top direct selling companies. They offer a variety of ways to make money including hosting parties at your house to offer products for sale, selling online as a wholesaler, or recruiting people onto your team and earning commission from sales they make.


Dropshipping offers a way for you to sell goods without having to pay upfront for inventory or stock items yourself. Dropshippers will send the product for you, all you have to do is market the product, get the payment from the buyer and then place the order on the dropshippers website. You can find a list of dropshippers on sites like TheWholeSaler and SaleHoo.

Sell Customised Products

ZazzleCafePress and websites like them will let you open a ´shop´ for free on their site and fill it with hundreds of items you can customise online. You pay nothing for inventory as they take care of stock, printing and shipping. All you have to do it choose what you want to offer and add a design to it.

Sell Handmade Goods

There are sites dedicated to home made goods which offers a market to anyone who makes their own jewelry, woodwork, prints, stamps etc. Websites like Etsy and Handmade at Amazon let you stand out from the mass produced market.

Sell Other People´s Services

Yaro Starak talks about Services Arbitrage when you put contractors and client in contact and take a commission for doing so. You don´t do the work yourself, but you do profit from it. All you have to do is find a way to make those connections. Some people do it on a simple referral basis, others set up niche websites. Sign up Yaro Starak´s course to find out how you can do it.

Sell Stock Photos

Stock photography is used for websites, books, magazines and artwork. If you can take a photo on a camera or a smartphone, you can upload it to sites like Dreamstime or Shutterstock and get paid when someone buys your photo. There are also apps like FOAP and Stockimo that let you upload directly from your phone.

Sell Your Hair

Before you go to the hairdresser for a radical haircut why don´t you sell your long hair on sites like Buyandsellhair.com or Hairharvest.co.uk.

Sell Your Music

As a musician there are different ways you can be heard including uploading videos to YouTube to try and get more recognition, but also uploading to websites like TuneCore, Songcast or CDBaby where you can sell your music.

Sell Your Story To The Media

For a one-off cash injection you could sell a story to the media if you have something interesting to tell. Magazines and tabloids buy human interest or scandalous stories either directly or via brokers like SellYourStory.com

Sell Web Hosting & Domain Names

Even though Facebook is a popular place to create pages for businesses and individuals, they still need a website if they want to have more control over what they can offer. As a hosting reseller you can offer domain name registration and get commission for every new signup. Companies like Hostgator and Bluehost offer an attractive upfront commission for leads, but if you want your own hosting business, sign up for free at ResellersPanel.com and get recurring commissions on renewals.

Set Up An Online Store

With online stores you have the option of setting one up yourself on your own website, or taking advantage of systems like Shopify or Amazon and pay a monthly fee to let them take care of design and marketing. Sell products you make, dropship products or wholesale products.

Set Up A Subscription Service

One idea for a subscription service is the weekly delivery of organic fruit and vegetables, but there is no need to limit yourself. You could create a subscription service for lots of different markets, as long as you offer your customers value and send them something on a regular basis. You can set up your service from your own website or use a service like Cratejoy or Subbly.


As a wholesaler you sell products in bulk to retailers rather than selling items individually. You just need to make sure you can sell it on at a higher price than you paid for it + covering all your costs. If you have a large storage area like a garage or outbuilding this means you can look for bargains on websites like Liquidation.com or Merkandi.



As a qualified accountant you could offer your services remotely by setting up your own business website, or partner with companies like Accodex to avoid having to do all the marketing yourself. Alternatively you can search or remote jobs on WorkingNomads and other freelance websites.

Call Centre

Call center operators receive incoming calls on behalf of small and large businesses. It could be as simple as taking a message, answering product queries or solving problems. With Arise you have the chance to start your own micro call center business taking advantage of the Arise network to find clients.


As a freelance captioner for Rev you get paid to watch videos and write the captions that represent the content of the video.

Customer Service

Reviews can make or break a business in a world where customer reviews can be seen by millions. As a customer service agent for companies like Neiman Marcus, Service800 and U-Haul you provide the friendly voice at the end of the phone, solving problems and answering questions from clients.

Forum Moderators

Spam, negative comments and internet trolls can turn a forum into a nightmare to navigate, instead of a useful resource. Your role as a forum moderator is to monitor the activity on a forum, make sure users are being nice to each other and weed out all the unwanted comments. Companies like LiveWorld hire customer service agents internationally to help their clients keep control of their forums.

Market Research

Market Research might involve investigating new markets for companies or compiling data on a particular issue and can be done on a freelance or consulting basis or as a telecommute role. Help shape the direction companies take by writing reports or interviewing people.

Making Appointments

Be the one to make appointments for sales people or advisors. Appointment setting is sometimes part of a virtual assistant role while sites like ParagonPlanners specifically ask for people who can offer scheduling services.

Providing Tech Support

Even companies like Apple and Dell hire tech support advisors who work from home. You could also check the listings on Remote.io or Flexjobs for more telecommute jobs. You can help customers with simple installation issues, computer problems or training on how to use a product.

Tax Preparation

Everyone needs help with their taxes! Help those overwhelmed by paperwork and prepare their tax returns or help them with tax questions. Telecommutefreelance, or set up your own business.

Transcribe Audio

Fast typing skills? You can transcribe audio from home with companies like Dict8 and Quicktate. You will be transcibing anything from interviews to medical notes. The faster you type, the higher your hourly rate works out to be.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant you can choose to freelance and look for jobs on freelance websitestelecommute for established companies offering virtual assistant services, or set up your own business. Offer the service to individuals and businesses who need help but don´t want or need a full-time VA.


Create a Course

Online course offer access to millions of students worldwide and some course creators have earned tens of thousands creating courses for sites like UdemySkillshare and Teachable. You don´t need a certification, or years of professional experience – share what you know.

Home Studio/Workshop

Art, woodworking, metalwork, pottery etc. could be offered from a home studio where the clients come to you for classes. As well as charging for classes or workshops you could also sell materials.

Tutor At Home

Offer classes in your home and get students to come to you. If you are abroad you can offer lessons in English. If you have knowledge of a particular subject like maths, geography etc., you can offer students help with their homework.

Tutor Online

As on online tutor you can help students via Skype, email or through an online platform. Tutors give help with classes and homework for all subjects including maths, history, geography or languages. Register at websites like MyTutor or TutorHub in the UK, Skooli in Canada, Tutor.com or Tutorme.com for international options.


Test Mobile Apps

Mobiles apps need to be reviewed by beta testers before being released on the app stores and at websites like Ferpection and ATryBox they will pay you for feedback and any errors you find.

Test Websites

Before taking a website live or launching a new service, companies like to get people to test it first to make sure they get all the problems sorted out before letting their customers see it. Websites like uTest and TestBirds hire freelancers to do the testing and while the basic pay may only be $5 or $10, you can earn more by spotting important errors.


Trading is a high risk way to make money from home. Having said that, there are people who do successfully make money from trading, so just make informed choices and only use money you can afford to lose. Get a free demo account first to practice and take some of the courses available on websites like Investoo.com.

Let Other Traders Copy You

If you are a successful investor you can use websites like eToro to have other investors copy your trades. As a member of the Popular Investor Program you get a 2% management fee plus 100% spread rebate.


Teach Fitness At Home

Have students come to you for their training, for individual or group classes of yoga, crossfit, bodyweight training etc.

Teach Fitness Online

Record classes and upload them to websites like NamaStream or Grokker and recruit your students online, taking advantage of the traffic from these websites. You can use the exposure to promote any products you have like fitness courses, affiliate products etc.



Interpreters no longer have to be physically present to do their job with websites like London Translations who have online chat interpreters, or Pacific Interpreters who hire over the phone and video interpreters. You could also start your own business offering the service directly.

Translate Documents

As an immigrant in another you have the advantage of being a native speaker for your chosen translation language. Of course English is popular but it is not the only language required for translations. Arabic, Russian, German and Danish are just some of the languages listed on TranslatorsBase jobs.


Blogging can be the traditional wirting like an online journal, or a more sophisticated full blown website. With content management systems like WordPress and Joomla you can learn to set it up yourself. Yaro Starak of Blog Profits Blueprint and Darren Rowse at Problogger offer lots of great information on how to get started and how to earn money from your blog.



A journalist is an investigative reporter, who is trained to research facts and write according to specific guidelines. The idea being that they are more ´professional´ than ´regular´ article writers. The lines are blurred these days but you can still set yourself apart from the crowd by building up a serious portfolio. Get some tips from the International Journalists Network and sign up to sites like Paydesk.io, WordRates or HackPress.

Write An Ebook

You don´t need to go through a traditional publisher to get your book into the marketplace (although it does help to have someone else proofread it and design the cover if you don´t have those skills). You can write an ebook on any topic in the world and offer it for sale on your own website, on marketplaces like Clickbank, or online retailers like Amazon.

Write Articles

Article writing ranges from a few dollars per article at the content farms to several hundred dollars if accepted by magazines or academic publications. How much you can earn depends on your experience, your skill, and your continuous search for opportunities.

Write Grants

Grant writing is another niche that can be profitable. Applying for grants can be a long process and most people are not convincing enough in their applications to be successful, so they hire grant writers to increase their chances of success. FreelanceWriting.com says the average salary for a full-time grant writer is $56,000 a year.

Write Greeting Cards

Blue Mountain Arts and many other companies accept submissions from freelance writers. Blue Mountain Arts pay $300 for the exclusive use of each submission and you can submit as many as you want.

Write Resumés

While we all think we can write our own resumé, having it written professionally can be the difference between getting a job interview or not. So people pay for that service. You can find work on freelance sites, at websites like ResumeEdge or TalentInc, or by setting up a gig on Fiverr.

Write Speeches

People from all walks of life need to give speeches. Whether it is conference speakers or the heads of state addressing the nation. As a freelance writer or full-time writer you can include speeches as part of your portfolio. You will need writing experience to get these jobs, but it is also something you can learn by studying.

Write To Congress

OnPoint and NextWave Advocacy hire people to write letters to congress. Your role is to draft letters for those who want to campaign against legislation, but who are unable to write the letter themselves or lack the skills to do it effectively. You write it for them and send it to them for approval. Earn money while you help change legislation!

Write Web Content

Writing web content is different to writing general articles which might go into print publications. When you write for the web, you have to write for the search engines as well as the readers, making sure you include keywords to generate traffic to the website and appear higher in the search engine rankings. Read Copyblogger for some tips on how to do it.

Write White Papers

Writing white papers is a niche worth looking at due to the higher rates of pay. White papers are much more indepth reports than the standard article written online or in magazines. If you have extensive knowledge of a particular industry you could earn higher rates of pay. While freelance websites have gigs for average pay, experienced white paper writers charge an average of $5,000-$6,000 per paper.

Yes, people have built up a business cuddling strangers and they are getting up to $80 an hour for it. No this isn´t another way of marketing the escort industry, people are lonely and they are paying for a human connection. Look at SnuggleBuddies.com, Cuddlist.com or CuddleComfort.com for inspiration.


Be A Personal Shopper

ShopYourWay.com pays you for recommending products to clients and you get a commission if they buy items. Personal shoppers usually have to visit shops in person, but this way you get to do it all online or via your mobile phone app.

Cuddle Strangers

Medical Coding

Medical coding jobs are able for remote work as a telecommute job, freelance gigs or by applying directly to companies like HCCS HIM Services or M*Modals

Micro Tasks

Crowdsourcing websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk and Crowdflower break down larger tasks into small micro tasks that pay as little as 1 cent or as much as a few dollars per task.

Take Surveys

Some surveys only give you rewards in the form of coupons or entries into competitions, but other sites pay cash for example Vindale Research, or Populus and Opinion Panel in the UK. Payments can range from a few dollars to nearly $100 for longer surveys or focus groups (although these are in limited supply).

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