4 Ways to Stop Subscribers Leaving Your Mailing List

Visitors to your website are likely to be inundated with marketing emails on a weekly, and even daily basis. If your email reaches them on a bad day, or your message is not particularly inspiring, there is a good chance they will hit the ´unsubscribe´ button.

Which is what I did when I got an email from Appsumo as I thought they were sending too many sales emails, rather than useful content. So I clicked through to the unsubscribe page, ready to see the standard confirmation that I wanted to leave the mailing list, only to be faced with one of the best unsubscribe pages I had ever seen.


There are no fancy graphics, no long blurb about how great they are and why I should stay... what they gave me were options. Four to be precise. They anticipated the reasons why I might be unsubscribing and gave me alternatives.

1. Email frequency

Emails every day get very annoying unless you are particularly interested in the topic. Weekly emails are much less intrusive, yet will still keep their brand on my radar.


2. Tailored to my goals

Future emails will contain information that is tailored to my interests, and is more likely to keep me on the list and generate sales for them.


3. Alternative to emails

I can choose to get updates via Twitter, Facebook or RSS instead of email.


4. Ask what would make me stay

Most websites ask why you want to leave, Appsumo asks what they can do to make you stay.

Some subtle, yet very important changes you can implement for your own mailing list unsubscribe page:

  1. Ask subscribers if they want to change the frequency of emails.

  2. Make the emails more relevant to your readers by finding out what they are interested in, and send them only that information.

  3. Offer different subscription options. Subscribers may not want more emails, but would be happy to follow updates on Twitter, Facebook or via RSS feeds.

  4. Ask them what you can do to keep them on board and get valuable user feedback that will help you improve your service.

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