Bed Bug Attack Is the Start of A New Business


Sébastien Taché and his girlfriend had to suffer through a couple of bed bug infestations to get the inspiration to start their side hustle business - Bed Bugs SOS. It started in an apartment in Montreal, Canada, when after having to go through the stress and upheaval of getting their apartment free of bed bugs. 

They researched the subject thoroughly and discovered things like the fact bed bugs can go a year without feeding.  This required an informed and consistent effort to stop them coming back. Because they had to go to several different places to get what they needed to do this, they thought how much better it would be to have a one-stop-shop for everything you need.  was born!

It is an ecommerce store using the Shopify platform, where they offer a wide range of products to deal with the bed bug problem.  They are still working and don´t have a physical store, which means they can build up the business before they give up their jobs.

Key Points

  • Turned a problem into a business.
  • No previous experience.
  • Learnt through personal experience and research.
  • Started side hustle while still working.
  • Using an online store like Shopify eliminates the need to maintain your own website.

Ask Yourself

Is there anything you have been through in your life that you could turn into a business by selling your knowledge, your services or related products?




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