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Accountability Coach

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In the simplest terms, an accountability coach makes sure you are making progress towards your goals, basically by chasing up to see if you have completed the tasks you set yourself.  Why?  Because for some people, knowing someone is waiting for you to finish something is the only way to cause an adrenaline rush – or panic – to get the the job done.

For the super-organized people who get up in the morning, plan their day, and work through their tasks in an orderly fashion this will sound insane.  Why pay for someone to do something you could do yourself?  Because some people are juggling different projects or responsibilities and get sidelined a hundred times a day without completing their tasks.

Two Kinds of Accountability: Internal and External – Bill Zipp

External accountability comes from the outside in, being accountable, not to oneself, but to others. It creates an environment that people feel compelled to follow, a …