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Book arbitrage is where you buy books and sell them for profit.  Don´t worry about storing inventory as you can outsource the storage and shipping of books.

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There are two ways you can buy books:

  1. Physical store where you sell face-to-face to the public.
  2. Online via Amazon and other book trading websites.

If you choose a physical store then the rent and utilities will eat into your profits.  There is also the fact that the majority of people buy books online.  Which means you will struggle as a small-scale bookseller.

However, if you combine that with online sales, or skip the physical store altogether, you have lower overheads and access to many more customers.

Book Arbitrage

You buy books at a lower price than you can sell them for.  Isn´t  that what all booksellers do?  Yes.  Except that combining that with a number of online tools, you can use software like Zen Arbitrage to increase your profits dramatically!  They give you the tools to find books Amazon is willing to pay you in credit to trade-in if you don´t want to wait for a buyer, or sites willing to pay you cash.

I was sceptical, but the price people are willing to pay for some books is insane.  Remember that people are busy, they don´t want to spend hours trawling through all the websites to find what they need.  If you can offer a book they need, at a price they are willing to pay, there is room for profit.

Doing the sourcing and selling manually is possible, but like everything else, with the right tools you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the long-run.

If you want to find out more about Book Arbitrage you can watch a free webinar at Zen Arbitrage

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