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Dropshipping allows you to sell to customers, set up an online store and even create your own brand without having to waste money on inventory.

With dropshipping services you:

  1. Offer products on your e-commerce store or website.
  2. The customer pays you for the order.
  3. You place the order with the dropshipper.
  4. The dropshipper sends the product directly to your customer.


  • The biggest advantage has to be that you don´t need to invest a large amount upfront to buy stock.
  • You also don´t waste stock (and create more environmental pollution) when the products don´t sell.  As the customer pays you first, you are only ´spending´ the money you already have.


  • You are relying on the dropshipper to offer a good product and a good service.  Any problems will reflect on you and your brand and any bad reviews will affect your business.
  • If a customer wants to return a defective product, you will liable for the cost. Even if the supplier accepts returns, you make have to take a loss if you want to refund the client quickly to keep them happy.  This is not such a problem if it is a low-cost item, but on big-ticket items you need to budget for possible returns.

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