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Genius Hemp is a European CBD distributor of CBD oils, creams, coffee and other products. They offer a multi-tier affiliate program and business opportunity without minimum monthly quotas.

I came across Genius Hemp after searching for a CBD company I could sign up to. The oil helped me with ADHD in the past so if I was going to use it, I might as well become an affiliate or distributor.  There are quite a few CBD companies but there only seemed to be two options.

 1.  Affiliate-only programs that pay commission but have no option to build a team and a business

2.  MLM companies with the team building option as long as buy products per month to qualify for payouts.  That and complicated referral and commission structures.

My first attempt was with a company in the US that had good reviews and a low monthly buying requirement. However, the problem was they in the US and I am in Spain.  I had to wait three weeks for my order to be ready to be shipped out and then up to 6 weeks for delivery!  This meant I was going to have to invest a lot upfront to buy in bulk, or have a very long delivery time for customers. Not an option.

I heard about Genius Hemp when they were fairly new through another expat on Facebook. I was sceptical.  They are quite a recent startup and so many companies are jumping on the CBD bandwagon. Why would they be any different?

 As I ´knew´one of the distributors on Facebook I decided to ask some questions. I fully expected to get the typical hard sell.

When I saw the first reply I had my bullshit detector on full alert expecting the usual hyped-up sales pitch. Surprisingly, Alan was very down-to-earth and presented the company in a straight forward way. There was no hard sell.


That made me more curious than claiming the opportunity would change my life. Or make me a millionaire.

He sent me further information and then left it with me to decide if I wanted to find out more. Which I did, because as I said, I knew this product worked because I had used CBD oil in the past.

I also wanted to ´buy local´. For me that is in Spain, or at least in Europe, and this company has it´s headquarters in Alicante. Over the side of Spain from me, but a lot closer than the USA.
 So what convinced me to join in the end?

  • I could get products I already wanted to use at a discount.
  • They have regularly updated lab reports to verify the contents of the oil.
  • If I decided to take it further I could promote my affiliate website.
  • If I wanted to build a business around it I could. No need to spend a small fortune to qualify for commissions each month.
  • You don´t get hassled if you are not signing up new distributors like a superhuman marketing machine. If you want help you get it, if you need to take time out there is no pressure to make sales.

At the time of writing regulations surrounding the sale of CBD products are changing all the time. The popularity of hemp and CBD has caused a flood of products into the market and governments are scrambling to legislate it. If you want to sell to a specific country you must check the current laws that apply.

Do your own research and read or listen to the CBD testimonials and success stories. Pain management, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, eczema and ADHD are just a few of the conditions users claim it helps.

Want to find out more? Leave a comment below and I´ll get in touch with more information. No obligation, no hard sell.

 If you want to check out the products on offer first, head over to my website at: 



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