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Rover is a dog-sitting where you can list your services and earn up to 1000 per month according to the website.  

At the time of writing Rover is available in the US and the UK as a platform where dog owners can search for someone to look after their dog.  They take care of marketing and payments and send notifications when someone needs your help.

Services available include:

  • Dog Boarding

    This is the most profitable service with Rover claiming you can make twice as much money if you offer this  service. 
  • Dog Walking

    Get paid to take dogs for a walk in your free time.
  • Day Care

    Look after dogs in your own home while their owners are out at work.
  • House sitting

    Go to the owners’ house to look after their dogs

How to apply

  • Create a free profile on
  • Add any additional services you want to offer like bathing and grooming, extended stays, cat care, etc.
  • Specify the dates and times you are available.
  • Download the app to get instant notifications and manage requests.  

Owners leave reviews for their sitters so make sure you are quick to respond to requests and provide a great service. The more positive  reviews you get, the higher your listing will appear in the directory. You get a booking score and a repeat score, so  you want to get these as high as possible. The scores do not appear on your public profile, but they will be used to move you up or down the listings.

The mobile app will help improve your repeat scores because it registers the time and distance of walks, number of poos, pees, water breaks and allows you to send photo updates to the owners.  By using all the features available, you give the owner peace of mind and increase the chance of them booking you again.


  • You set your own rates and keep 80% of the booking total
  • Payments are deposited into your bank account two days after the booking ends

If you love dogs, Rover is a great way to make money!  Sign up for the United States or United Kingdom site and set up your dog-sitting profile.




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