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Share your expertise on and get paid per minute for giving advice. Some experts charge nearly $200 per minute although you set your own rate according to your skills and expertise.


Who Uses Clarity?

According to the website the majority of clients are entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners.  Sometimes people need some expert advice without having the need to hire a consultant, so Clarity offers the chance to get advice from experts without having to commit to long-term contracts. Of course, if you do a great job and get good reviews, the likelihood is you will increase your opportunities outside the platform.


How It Works

  • Set up your profile on the website.
  • Clients who are interested in talking to you suggest three times and dates they are available.
  • If you accept the request, both you and the client are sent a call number.
  • The client will have paid upfront for the estimated time they want to talk to you and are billed for any time over the initial estimate.
  • Clarity keeps 15% of the total payment as commission and pays you the rest via PayPal.



While you are not allowed to directly offer your services outside the platform, if the clients decides they like you and want to sign up to any of your external offers, Clarity has no problem with that.

As well as getting exposure on their platform via reviews and ratings, they hold live Q&A Sessions where you get to present your area of expertise for 20 minutes. This is followed by a further 20 minute question and answer session moderated by Clarity, you can´t organise it yourself.  The whole webinar is then posted to YouTube when you get further exposure.


There is no payment for doing the live sessions, but if you do it well you could get more clients signing up for calls and more exposure for your business.




If you browse the experts on directory you will see the rates vary quite a lot, anywhere from $1 per minute to nearly $200 per minute. Clarity says that the average thirty minute call works out to approximately $50, or $1.60 per minute so you can use that as a guildline if you are just starting out.


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