Hiva Fitness — Using Polynesian culture to succeed during a pandemic

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Online fitness seems like a saturated market, but Hiva Fitness started in the middle of the worst of the pandemic and gave their business a unique twist — workouts inspired by Polynesian dance.

They had already started working on the business, but hadn’t launched yet when the pandemic and lockdowns hit. Considering the devastating effect it had on so many small businesses, some people might think it was crazy to launch with the world in such a mess.

However, they realized that if people were going to be stuck indoors, finding a way to keep fit would be more important than ever. For the founders, it was a way to continue what they loved doing — dancing.

Not only do they base their routines on traditional Polynesian dance, they also dance to classic music like Tina Turner, which means that older members can relate to and enjoy the music. Not everyone wants to dance or workout to modern, mindless songs.

By using Zoom, they were still able to connect with their members instead of just offering pre-recorded classes online, and they gave those stuck at home a fun, effective, workout and the chance to connect with other people.

Although they were forced to launch their business online, they now offer in-person classes as well and continue to inspire people of all ages.

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Yolanda Solo
Author: Yolanda Solo

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