Homeless 8-year old boy sells plants to help his family

Aaron Moreno started his entrepreneurial journey at just eight years old. When his mother lost her job during the pandemic, he started selling plants and helped to get his family a new home.

The family was living in a shed and young Aaron wanted to do something to make some money. Luckily his mother believed in him and gave him her last few dollars to invest in some plants to sell. 

“I never thought we would accomplish and come this far…we couldn’t believe that we got a house,” Pacheco told KABC. “I admire him for everything he has been able to do that I haven’t as a mom.”

You might find it hard to believe that a mother would give her last few dollars to an eight-year-old boy, but she must have recognized the entrepreneurial fire in her young son. When you are in such a desperate situation and have a ray of hope, sometimes you have to take the risk.

Using the power of social media and crowdfunding, Aaron and his family have managed to build up the business and make enough to move into a new apartment according to FoxNews. At the time of writing he has raised over $56,000 on GoFundMe.com and has over 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Keys to success

  • Family support
    Despite having so little money, Aaron´s mother believed in her son and gave him the little money she had left that day so he could start his business.
  • Community support
    People come from all over the city to buy plants from Aaron, which shows the impact our shopping choices make. Support small local businesses!
  • Social Media
    Using GoFundMe and Instagram, Aaron has created a large following that has helped him raise more money and expand his business


Source: Business Is ‘Blooming’ For 8-Year-Old Who Sells Plants To Support His Family – Good News | Sparkt – Sparkt.com

Yolanda Solo
Author: Yolanda Solo