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People often wonder why the blog name doesn’t include working from home, freelance or business in the title. There is a reason for everything and it is not about SEO or trying to get traffic. It’s personal.

I liked Alternative Income because what I was finding online were alternatives to the regular nine-to-five jobs, which was exactly what I needed.  

You would think the obvious choice would then be but the domain was listed for $1500. Not an option.

Then I found and realised the initials were A.I.R.   Bingo. Because, there were so many days I was waking up almost gasping for breath, panicking at how we would have enough money to pay all the bills, get money for petrol and even money for food. 

The pressure on my chest was a physical manifestation of the burden I felt and I didn’t know how to get rid of it.

My dreams included graphic images of trying to run away from an invisible monster but only being able to run in slow motion, knowing that it would catch me.  When I woke up, my first, my very first thought was crushing panic of having to face another day of wondering how we would survive.

We couldn’t sell our house because the market has crashed. We couldn’t move back to England because we didn’t have the money to. We couldn’t even move closer to the city because neither of us had a regular job to prove we had the income to pay for a rental property. 

The combination of no stable income, being trapped because we couldn’t sell the house, and trying desperately not to let the kids see just how bad things were was emotionally and mentally exhausting.  Which left little energy to be innovative, dynamic, business-minded and consistent. All the usual advice from the success gurus. 

Unless you have been in that situation yourself, you can’t begin to understand what it is like to live in a constant state of panic and fear.  How it paralyzes you.  

I also had to motivate myself while trying to support my kids emotionally and help my husband who was suffering from anxiety.  I had to be strong for everyone and not lose my mind in the process.

Throw in ADHD and it was a permanent rollercoaster of having a hundred ideas all buzzing around my head, without the mental or financial stability to follow through with any of them long enough to make a difference. 

People with support or money tell you things like ´you have to invest in yourself and your business´.  ´Just change your mindset´. ´If you really want it, you will find a way´. 

So not only was I drowning in desperation, but I also had the added burden of being made to feel useless because I couldn’t do something as simple as getting my shit together.

The advice from others was almost always the same. 

Get a job  

In an area with high unemployment, living in a small village, with two young children. No official experience other than being a secretary or real estate in a market that that crashed. 

Even if I could get one of the hundreds of jobs I applied for, the split working day in Spain would have meant getting little time with my children.

Move back to England  

With what money?  We couldn’t sell the house and couldn’t even afford to ship everything back. So we would arrive with nothing and no money to buy a house or even have a deposit to rent. 

The list goes on.  

People giving advice were just trying to help. I know that.  I knew we had made plenty of decisions that got us into that situation. I wasn’t blaming anyone else or expecting them to dig us out of our very deep, dark hole.

The only option was looking online.  And I found things I could do that would at least give us money for the basics. I remember crying at how long it took to do transcription and articles that paid peanuts.  It was soul-sucking work, but it meant I didn’t have to rely on the local non-existent job market. It also led me to find other, better opportunities online.

It has been a long, slow, painful road to some kind of normality.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I want you to know that there will be no judgement from me if you don’t have the money, energy or mindset to go from struggling to superstar.  

I understand that we are all facing our own demons and different obstacles. Which is why the keyword is ´alternative´.

Alternative people, alternative ideas, and alternative paths to financial sanity.

If you have a story of how you survived and are willing to talk about the difficult parts of your journey, not just your success, I would love to hear from you. I want to share your story on the Alternative Income Report so you can be that spark of hope someone might need right now.

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