Making Money Is About More Than Financial Abundance

Making money is about much more than monetary wealth, more important is the freedom to choose, peace of mind and a better quality of life. 

This blog looks to be focused on making money, different ways to do it, how much you can make, etc. but money is not the end goal. For years I didn´t even like money due to negative experiences associated with the lack of it. Over the years I have changed my way of thinking to realise making money is not just for buying more ´stuff´ or doing more ´things´. Wealth is freedom to do what you want when you want. Having financial options means you are not reliant on others for a paycheck. You have more control over your life. 

So while you will see a directory full of different ways to make money, the main focus is giving people options. I want to make sure that at least one person in every household has the knowledge to find alternative financial security. 

I have experienced a childhood full of financial struggle which caused shame, arguments, and a sense of missing out. I lived as a university student who was always broke, lacking the history of financial knowledge and security to change my ways. As an immigrant in Spain with two young kids I struggled to make ends meet and recreated the poverty cycle of my parents. My natural dislike of all things routine and boring had me constantly searching for new opportunities. 


There has to be a better way.

I´m still not interested in becoming mega-rich just for the sake of buying designer clothes and the latest fancy machine. I am interested in having the financial power to reach more people and let them know ´there has to be a better way.´ 

The world is changing. A decade after the greatest worldwide economic crisis since the Great Depression doom and gloom is always just over the next horizon. 

Another problem is that the robots are coming. They will replace millions of jobs over the next 20 years because they can do the tasks faster, with more precision and at a lower cost. It will affect most areas of the economy from production to health and without an alternative to traditional jobs, what will happen to the unemployed?

One option is Universal Basic Income, resisted by those working who think it is a one-way ticket to scrounging off ´those of us to work hard´. It is also resisted by governments who can´t see how it is financially viable - without people working and paying taxes, how are they going to afford it?


Classifying people as good or bad citizens has begun and your access to money will depend on it. Australia introduced ´No Jab No Pay´ so that those who don´t vaccinate won´t get benefits. There is talk of China using a surveillance system to rank citizens on how well they behave, which ultimately affects access to cheaper credit etc. 

So we need to develop a resistance to reliance on the state. There has to be a balance where we move forward and use technology to our advantage, but also keep some tricks up our sleeve so we can use our initiative to create financial independence. Just like survival preppers who could make a fire if the power grid goes down after and EMP attack, or solar flares. They know how to make fire and how to find food without going to the supermarket. It doesn´t mean they don´t use the commodities of modern day life, they just won´t be left paralyzed and reliant on others in times of crisis. 

Sound melodramatic? How many people have enough savings to see them through five years of financial turmoil? Not many. How many people are living paycheck to paycheck? A LOT! At all levels of society. 

This is not about rich versus poor, this is about embracing what was good about the past when you had to be more resourceful to survive, and combining it with the benefits of modernisation. 

That is why you will find a mishmash of things on the Alternative Income Report. Because making money is not just about making money. There is a combination of knowledge, motivation, and community support thrown in because the reasons we are in our current situation is complex, just like human beings are complex. We all operate differently and are motivated by different things. 

Remember, ´there has to be a better way´, so keep looking until you find it


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