Politicians Are Administrators – They Won´t Save Us

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Politicians are public servants who are supposed to run the country for the benefit of all citizens. We sit back waiting for them to ́save ́ us by providing healthcare, education, and employment (which they all chant as top priorities when they want to get elected). It´s a recurring reality show which leaves so many unsatisfied, yet we continue to sit back waiting for them to do better. Again and again and again.  When are we going to change the record?

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True change will never come from electing different politicians, it has to come from a massive global change at ground level – from us.

Think about it. Not all politicians enter into government for the sole purpose of enriching themselves. I believe there are many who enter with genuine intentions, only to find an insane amount of obstacles in their way including:

  • The administrative hurdle of getting anything changed and the time it takes to draft a proposal, get it reviewed, get support for it, get it approved.
  • The maze of different interests that will fight that proposal if it affects their profits.
  • Short-term thinking with quick fixes that can be paraded like a trophy before the next elections. True change requires long-term strategies and investment they may never get the credit for.

Revolution is not the answer

Eventually we would get the same clowns in charge, putting on a show that we pay for. The strongest, the most influential, the ones with the most ambition and addicted to power will always end up in charge. Why?  Because the majority of people are not interested in proving they are the best. They would rather get on with their lives in a simpler way, without having to enter the squabbling and fighting arena.

It is also not about left or right, capitalism vs socialism.  As with everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to different ideas, the problem is when we let one idea dominate and the administrators of our country snowball it into the doctrine that must be obeyed at all costs.

Citizens are the permanent passengers on this cruise ship of life. We hand over our destination to the latest person claiming they can get us to a paradise we never reach. 


We need to do more to provide alternatives and solutions ourselves. Now is the perfect time to do it. 

We are a point in history where we have access to an incredible amount of information that allows us to expose self-serving and corrupt administrators.  We also have a relatively short window of time before absolute power is once again concentrated into the hands of a few and we won’t be able to do anything about it.

  • Digital currency – if we allow digital currency to become the only currency available, we are in danger of being at the mercy of those who control the accounts.  Dare to question authority? Get your accounts blocked. Don’t follow the ́party ́ line? Get your accounts blocked. If everything is digital and no-one accepts cash or barter, what options will you have left?
  • Automation – machines already do many jobs faster, more efficiently and more profitably for business owners. What about the millions of workers they will replace? How will they find replacement income?  Or will they be forced to accept handouts from the government who can dictate where you live to access ́free ́ services?
  • Technology – as science-fiction becomes reality, it will be harder to fight the companies using it for profit and power. Think of surveillance invading privacy, military drones, laser weapons, etc.
  • Centralization of power – as the world becomes smaller blocks of power, the administrators become even further removed from the citizens they are supposed to serve.

So is it all hopeless? 

Of course not.

  • Digital currency is a great tool, as long as we don’t allow it to develop into a cashless society.  It should be an option, not an obligation.
  • Automation – it would be amazing if there was no longer a need for people to do back-breaking, low paid jobs, leaving them free to do activities that bring them joy.
  • Technology – it has the power to connect us all, create incredible advances in healthcare and environmentally friendly tools.
  • Centralization of power – smaller countries can benefit from being part of a larger group in terms of negotiations with bigger countries, oversight of unfair conditions, etc.  As long as we don’t play the same game as we do with our own governments, letting a handful of administrators decide the fate of an even bigger group of citizens without any input from us.

What can we do?  

Well in an ideal world we would prevent the abuse of power by changing the rules of government and of development. However, the people who are responsible for changing those rules are the ones benefiting from the current system.  Change is unlikely to come from the top down.

We have to start the change.

One of the best ways to do that is for more of us to start making money without relying on regular jobs that depend on multinationals, government policies, fluctuating exchange rates and unethical deals made by governments.

What happens when you have alternative ways to make money?

  • You don’t have to put up with terrible working conditions.
  • You don’t have to stay in a job that makes you miserable.
  • You choose how to spend your money: buying local even if it is more expensive to maintain a thriving community; buying healthier food; access to better healthcare and education etc.
  • No need to rely on loans or benefits (if you can get them) to survive.

So should we all give up work and start freelancing or start our own business?  

No. Again, we need balance.

If just one person in every household was earning alternative income or knew how to do it, they would have a cushion in case of redundancies, economic crashes or general obstacles that are part of life.

If we teach our kids about alternative income before they even leave school they can get a headstart on saving money, paying off a house or traveling.  No more waiting to go to university, get a job and if they are lucky, save enough before they die.

What about Universal Basic Income?

If you haven ́t heard of it yet, the idea is to give everyone in the country a basic amount each month to cover food and housing, regardless of whether they are working or not.  We are going to need this in the next few decades with the transition to automation as millions of jobs disappear. However, even if we get universal basic income we still need to know our options because again, it relies on a handout from the government they can stop at any time.

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How do I make alternative income?

It sounds like a magical pipedream that you can make money online, work from home or start a business with zero or low start-up costs.  Surely only experienced or qualified people can do that?

Nope – you can too.  

The way search engines and marketing work means that those with the loudest voices and the biggest budgets get to the top of the search results so it looks like there are not many options.  There are. Which is why you can cut through the noise by using the different sections on AlternativeIncomeReport.com.

  • Directory
    Ongoing opportunities with telecommute jobs, freelance, business and investment opportunities.
  • Remote / telecommute jobs
    ́ ́Regular ́ jobs you can do from home.  Instead of depending on the limited jobs in your local area, search the archives of companies that hire remote workers.
  • Money Making Ideas
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Politicians Are Not Going To Save Us

We need to save ourselves and by doing that, we will have the financial security and mental energy to demand they do a better job of running the country.

Yolanda Solo
Author: Yolanda Solo

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