Sell Your T-Shirt Designs via Merch by Amazon


Take advantage of the Amazon global network and access to millions of customers to sell your custom t-shirt designs.  You upload your design, add it to your store, and let Amazon take care of delivery.  You don´t need to be a graphic designer to create custom t-shirts. You can use graphics applications, open source images, or hire someone put your ideas into graphic form.


Joining Merch by Amazon


As you can imagine, a lot of people want to join Merch so Amazon changed it to invitation only. You can´t just sign up and automatically open an account. You have to register and wait for an invitation from Amazon to join.  At the time of writing they had no plans to change this process and the invitation to join can take months to arrive. So be patient.


Selling Your Designs

  1. Create a unique t-shirt design.
  2. Upload it to Merch by Amazon.
  3. Amazon creates a product page.
  4. Customers buy your t-shirt.
  5. Amazon handles payment and shipping.
  6. You get your profit share.


It obviously involves more work than that as there are thousands of t-shirts available for sale online, so you will need to produce high quality designs, write a great description and have the dedication to keep on creating t-shirts customers want to buy.




The royalties you receive for the sale of your t-shirts will vary depending on the  type of product, size and price. As an example, on the sale of a $15.99 t-shirt you would get a royalty of $3.79.  On a t-shirt  that sells for $25.99 you could make $12.99.


Payments are made by EFT in the US and direct deposit for international content creators and are sent 30 days after the calendar month  products are shipped.  If you can receive payments by direct deposit there is no payment threshold for you to receive commissions.  If you need a wire transfer, you will need to wait until you account balance has reached 100 ($,€,CAD etc).




When you apply, there is a box for ´Additional Information´.  Make sure you give Amazon a reason to accept you sooner as they will want people who are going to take it seriously, not just upload one crappy design and forget about it.  Some people take much longer to receive their invitation than others, even though they applied at the same time.


>>>   Request an invitation to join Merch by Amazon   <<<



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