Why Society Needs More People Like You Making Money

The world needs more people looking for flexible ways of making money to improve their quality of life.  It’s not a handful of millionaires, or even fewer billionaires, who are going to make a massive change in the world, it’s people like you. Regular people with more than enough income to live a better life and influence the world they live in.

Are you unhappy with your life as it is right now?

Do you feel like you should be doing something more meaningful?

Would you like to do something different?  

Good. Because the world needs people like you.

Life is about balance in every aspect of our lives, including society. While you need engineers, accountants, administrators etc. to keep the machine running smoothly, you also need the Alternatives who bring diversity and creativity to a group, the workplace and society.  

I watched The Internship movie again and I love the message it sends. The overall lesson is that outsiders, oddballs and non-conformists are essential to bring us out of our straight line thinking. The story is about two older guys who have apparently been cruising along in life, not achieving their potential and not taking life seriously.

Only when the company they are working for shuts down are they forced to face the fact they are out of date, out of touch and destined to mediocrity.  

They apply for an internship at Google and are completely out of place amongst the young tech geeks so the only team they can join is with other oddballs no-one wanted in their group. Against the odds, their group wins the internship, not because they did everything by the book, but because they bought different skills to the team. Empathy, positivity, compassion and a refusal to give up. They bought out the best in the other team members by not focusing only on quantifiable skills – how many qualifications they had, how quickly they could do something – but how each one could boost the other to make the team greater as a whole. That is what life should be like.  

Yes, it is ‘just’ a movie and not a true story, but the theme is real.  

What is the traditionally accepted path to success? Go to school, get as many qualifications as possible, get a steady job and stay there for as long as possible. Will it make you happy? Will it make you a better person, a better partner, a better member of society? Not necessarily. It won’t even guarantee you security in your old age.  

Look at society today, with our streamlined, mass-produced food. Are we healthier or are we consuming more junk than ever before? It is the smaller farmers and the communities trying to grow the good stuff, without pesticides, with more nutrients and less impact on the environment that would keep us healthy. Unfortunately, they are struggling to compete with bigger companies.  

It’s the people willing to see the smaller picture, the value in small-scale, local production who will prevent fresh food deserts in cities. It’s the people who take the time to value the weak, the weird and the wonderful that ensure our communities don’t create underclasses based on gender, race or disabilities.  

Yolanda Solo – Alternativeincomereport.com

When a company grows to gigantic proportions, it is hard if not impossible for them to value the struggles or needs of many of their workers. You need people at ground level to do that.  

Technology and education are great tools but they are only part of the story and if allowed to become to the almighty beacon by which success is defined, we will continue to see an increase in addiction, chronic health problems and lower levels of satisfaction with our lives.  

Think I am being a drama queen? 

  • Companies like Amazon bring the global marketplace to your door faster than ever – they also have workers struggling to make ends meet, workhouse hours and soul-destroying employment policies that leave their workers exhausted and depressed.  
  • Many of the huge chains have employees working full-time and still having to ask for food stamps or benefits.
  • Large scale production often equals greater pollution and destruction of our environment.  
  • There is a long list of disadvantages to automation, centralisation and standardisation.  

We need balance 

As well as the benefits of the modern world, we need to encourage the non-conformists. They are the ones that call out the injustices in the world. They are the ones more likely to promote local, promote diversity and promote independence.  

What does this have to do with you?  Well if you are reading this or listening to this on the podcast, you are one of those alternative people. You are interested in doing things differently. Most importantly, if we have more people earning more  than enough money I believe it will have a ripple effect.

When you are not focused on making enough to pay the rent, pay for food or cover the necessities, it improves your mental state and leaves room for creativity and innovation.

So yes I am still talking about making money. 

Take advantage of the advances in technology and globalisation to learn how you can be the change in your own way, however small. If you want more out of life than going to work and collecting a paycheck, do it!

Not ready to burn your bridges and give up your regular income? No problem.  Start a side hustle while staying at that regular job. You can keep your stability and have something exciting to do on the side.

Dream about things you want to change and research how you can make them a reality.

Believe anything is possible and look for ways to prove it – which includes not listening to the negative people around you and the negative self-talk in your head.

Change is scary for many people. It can bring uncertainty and instability, but it can also bring variety, meaning and a mission in life.  

Now is the time to do it. Not only will you help yourself, you can help those around you when they feel the effects of a global crisis, job losses because of automation or an empty pension fund when they retire.

You could be the person with flexible income streams or the one who knows where to go and look for different income opportunities. Don´t  underestimate how important that can be for your own household or those in your circle.

If  you find something you love to do and can make money doing it imagine what a positive role model you can be for others.

So if you feel that dissatisfaction with where you are now, if you want to change what you are doing, you deserve to at least investigate your options. Do it with people who will support your journey, whether is a family member, a friend or an online community.

If everyone around you thinks you are crazy and  you can´t find anyone to share your dreams with then share it on our Facebook page or email me at info@alternativeincomereport.com and I´ll be a cheerleader for you.

Keep in touch!

Yolanda Solo
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