Young Entrepreneur Makes BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs

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Hannah Grace is a young entrepreneur with diabetes who has her own side hustle making and selling bath bombs. Working from home, she has already earnt thousands of dollars and and donated money to the JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

It all started with a comment from her father after a visit to the store to buy some bath bombs.  He said he thought she could make them and sell them herself. That was the spark that set her off on her entrepreneurial journey.

Hannah has Type 1 diabetes and thought making bath bombs would be a good way to raise money to help find a cure.  She is well on her way to doing that by donating 20% of her profits to JDRF.

Her Story

She started researching how to make them the same day her father gave her the idea. Within one week she started making her bath bombs.  A few weeks later they were on sale at a local store and are now available in 8 stores and online. How´s that for taking action!


She may have started with a few bath bombs but her product line is growing and includes:

  • Bath bombs
  • Shower cakes
  • T-shirts

An Inspiration

There a few reasons I love her story:

  1. A casual comment from her father gave her the inspiration to do it (so don´t  dismiss any idea as too crazy).
  2. She is working from home, in a very low tech environment, showing you don´t need expensive equipment to get started.
  3. By donating 20% of her profits to JDRF, she is contributing to her community and making money.
  4. She has a great message, “Hannah calls her brand, BeYOUtiful because she believes that being beautiful means being yourself, no matter what challenges you endure.”

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