Who can work from home?

Anyone who is struggling to find regular work or who needs to stay home to look after their family. If it is difficult for you to earn income because of your situation, your age or your location, you should definitely look at working from home. Depending on your skills you could work for an employer in a full-time job like customer support, or you could work for yourself sharing the knowledge you already have. This website is not about ´making millions´ or ´get rich quick´. The Alternative Income Report is for those on the edge who need and want alternatives to regular jobs but don´t know where to start. Some people just want a little extra for luxuries, others need to make enough to pay the mortgage and keep a roof over their heads. Whatever your situation, we want to help you find something you can do from home that will bring you the money you need for your peace of mind. We will give you the information you need - you just need to invest your time to search through the opportunities in the directory and choose the ones that are right for you.

How Can You Earn Alternative Income?

Work for Someone Else

Working from home does not mean you have to give up the security of having a regular income. Many employers realise it make financial sense to have people work from home. It is cheap for them, employees are happier and clients continue to get great service.

Work for Yourself

As a freelancer or entrepreneur you have the freedom to work when you want, where you want. You choose your clients and the project you want to work on. You can start for free and scale up your business when you are ready and can afford it.

We need alternatives to regular jobs for those who are struggling to find work, live in an area with few jobs, can't work because of family commitments or lack experience. We also need real options for those of us who are not top salesmen or marketing magicians, who just need enough extra to pay the mortgage, pay for some extras, and ease our way into being self-employed.

Yolanda Solo

We want to hear from you!

Yolanda SoloFounder of AlternativeIncomeReport.com
I spent more than 10 years in regular jobs, bored, miserable and stressed. Then I moved to Spain with two young children just before the long, long, loooong, economic crisis began. I soon began to regret moving to one of the quieter parts of Spain and wondered what possessed me to choose this place (somewhere you should retire to, not where you should have a midlife crisis with 2 young kids to look after). After almost drowning in despair and desperation, necessity made me look online. I expected to see the same scams I had found years before but was amazed - and relieved - to see hundreds of genuine jobs you could do from home. Jobs and business opportunities. Except that I hate sales and marketing and found most of the people I knew were the same - which ruled out all the get rich quick schemes. But that´s ok, because there are still so many things you can do! Tell me how I can help you...

Contact us with any feedback and let us know what you want to see on this website.  We would also love to hear your success stories about how you manage to work from home or run your own business. You don't have to be a millionaire, we want to hear about ordinary people, living a more independent lifestyle.