Inspiration & Motivation For Making Money In Challenging Times

Yolanda Solo

The Story

Those of us on the edge of normal have different reasons for our struggle, but the underlying problem is the same. We want to make a change, but struggle to find something that can adapt to our situation.  Whether it is a lack of jobs or experience, our age, family commitments, or the never-ending economic crises!

The world is changing, with traditional jobs at risk due to automation, so it is essential we learn all the different options we have when it comes to making money. We can't rely on the government or corporations to give us the financial security we need. We need to save ourselves. 

The Problem:

We are told by those who are already successful and financially secure that all we need to do is work harder, change our mindset, and other unhelpful mantras that assume we all fit into the same box. The reality is that we are unique, with different problems, different gifts, and different situations that can make it hard to follow this cookie-cutter advice, and even harder to maintain it long enough to make a difference. 

The Solution:

Discover all the different ways you can make money and get inspired by ordinary people you can relate to. Find something that fits your situation and your personality. Refuse to accept your 'fate' as dictated by society. There is a huge ocean of opportunity between poverty and massive success that is rarely talked about. You don't need to be a marketing guru or sales superstar because the key goal is not to become super-rich, but to have abundance. That means having more than enough - whatever that looks like for you.


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