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Resellers Panel

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Resellers Panel is one of the few places where you can set up your own web hosting store for free.  You can customize your store to offer specific services like hosting, domains, servers etc., and customize it to match your brand.

You decide how much to charge for each service and get paid the difference between that and the wholesale cost.

In addition to making money from reselling hosting, they also have an affiliate program where you refer other resellers and earn 10% lifetime commission on renewals.


  • No set-up fees for basic reseller account.
  • Buy a domain name if you don´t want to use one of their sub-domains.
  • Charge for CPanel reseller accounts.


Resellers Panel has servers in different locations around the world so your customers can choose the one closest to them.  They also offer multi-currency billing in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD.


  • Accumulated commissions paid monthly.
  • Payments via PayPal, bank wire, or wallet

*Disclaimer - I have been using them for years and am a reseller, but the thing that kept me with them compared to other companies is their quick response time to support requests, as they are active 24/7.

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